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Enteritis (from other - Greek  — a gut) — an inflammation of a small bowel.
At the person on preferential localization of inflammatory process distinguish a duodenitis (a duodenum inflammation), a jejunitis (jejunum) and an ileitis  (an ileal gut). The inflammation of all small bowel in combination with gastritis (gastroenteritis) and (or) colitis (a gastroenterocolitis, a coloenteritis) is more often observed.

Enteritis symptoms:

Acute enteritis. Are shown by sudden pains (preferential in the middle of a stomach), it is frequent — vomiting, a diarrhea, temperature increase; in hard cases symptoms of the general intoxication, cardiovascular frustration, organism dehydration are expressed, spasms are possible.
Chronic enteritis. Patients are disturbed rumbling in intestines, by unsharp pains in paraumbilical area, nausea, weakness, ponosa (it is preferential at a coloenteritis). Owing to disturbance of absorption in intestines there can be various frustration of food. Recognition of enteritis is helped by researches of excrements, band and pristenochny digestion, etc.

Enteritis reasons:

Acute enterita are observed at infectious diseases (a typhoid and paratyphus, cholera, etc.), food poisonings, food allergy etc., are followed by inflammatory swelling and a hyperemia of a mucous membrane of a small bowel, increase in its secretion; in hard cases there are hemorrhages and ulcerations.
Chronic enterita can be a consequence of irrational food (systematic disturbance of a diet, abuse of spicy food, hard alcoholic drinks etc.), helminthoses, a lambliasis, a geotrichosis, chronic intoxications some industrial poisons (for example, compounds of lead), prolonged uncontrolled use of drugs (for example, salt laxatives, antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity), some inborn diseases which are characterized by disturbance of synthesis of certain enzymes in intestines, etc.

Treatment of Enteritis:

Acute enteritis. Easy forms of acute enteritis come to an end with recovery within several days or weeks. Treatment is carried out in a hospital or it is out-patient; it depends on the reason which caused enteritis and weights of a current. Apply streptocides, antibiotics, the spasmolytic, knitting and other means, plentiful drink of strong unsweetened tea. At improvement of a state — gradual expansion of a diet.
Chronic enteritis. Diet, polyvitamins; at ponosa — astringents, drugs of digestive enzymes; at pains — antispasmodics; physiotherapeutic procedures, etc. At aggravations — treatment in a hospital. Out of an aggravation sanatorium treatment is shown (Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk, etc.).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Enteritis:

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