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Thrombophlebitis (from blood clot and phlebitis) — thrombosis with an inflammation of a wall of a vein and formation of the blood clot closing its gleam.

Thrombophlebitis symptoms:

Distinguish thrombophlebitises superficial, often varicose changed (see the Varicosity), and deep veins; especially often veins of the lower extremities and a small pelvis are surprised, is more rare — hollow, portal, hepatic.

Acute thrombophlebitis is shown by pains in the thrombosed veins, fervescence, oznoba. Painful consolidations with erubescence on the course of veins are characteristic of thrombophlebitis of superficial veins; for thrombophlebitis of deep veins — swelled extremities owing to sharp disturbance of venous outflow. Purulent fusion of blood clot and spread of an infection with a blood flow is called septic thrombophlebitis. Perhaps chronic course of thrombophlebitis with periodic aggravations. The most dangerous complication of thrombophlebitis — a blood clot separation (or its parts) and hit in a pulmonary artery (see the Embolism, the Thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery).

On an arrangement of the inflamed site thrombophlebitises of the lower and upper extremities, thrombophlebitis of vessels of internals, thrombophlebitis of arteries are known.

Thrombophlebitis reasons:

In development of a disease the complex of the reasons lies:

    * infection
    * delay of a blood flow and increase in its coagulability
    * decrease in reactivity of an organism
    * disturbance of an integrity of walls of vessels (vein injury)
    * change of composition of blood

Sometimes thrombophlebitis — a complication of childbirth, various operations, infectious diseases, malignant new growths.

Treatment of Thrombophlebitis:

Treatment of thrombophlebitis depends on a stage and a form of a disease. In cases when thrombophlebitis is caused by the wrong carrying out injections, use spirit compresses and anticoagulants (for example, Unguentum Heparini). At an infectious etiology use antibiotics, at hard cases — an operative measure, etc.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Thrombophlebitis:

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