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The inflammatory defeats of fastion and aponeuroses combined by the term "fibrositis" develop mainly under the influence of an injury or professional microtraumatization (mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc.), and also at some general diseases of an infectious, toxic, allergic, endocrine and metabolic origin. The vast majority of fasciites, aponevrozit are independent diseases.

Fibrositis symptoms:

Small pains and constraint in the field of the struck fascia are characteristic; there are dense painful small knots which disappear further or, on the contrary, increase.

Usually also miositis symptoms - constant pains and morbidity are at the same time observed at a palpation, an uneven consistence of a muscle, change of a tone and restriction of function of the affected muscle, muscular contractures and amyotrophy.

At aponevrozita the progressing aponeurosis fibrosis which is coming to an end with formation of a contracture with sharp restriction of mobility of an affected area of an aponeurosis comes out on top. At the same time the pain syndrome is poorly expressed, sometimes is even absent.

Fibrositis reasons:

In an initial phase of a disease the seroznofibrozny exudate appears, fibroblastichesky proliferation with nodulation, and in the disease final - fibroznorubtsovy changes, sometimes with formation of resistant contractures develops further. Owing to close contact of muscles and fastion defeat of these fabrics often happens at the same time. Usually the fibromyositis develops. At the same time in intersticial tissue of a muscle inflammatory process with exudation, cellular proliferation and sclerous changes develops. Most often are surprised powerful a fascia - a wide fascia of a hip, lumbar and cervical a fascia, palmar and bottom aponeuroses.

Treatment of the Fibrositis:

Therapy by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in high doses within 1-2 months, physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, remedial gymnastics are shown; at damage of a backbone use extension and mechanotherapy.

The choice of treatment demands from the doctor of big ability. Persistence from the doctor and the patient is necessary. Anti-inflammatory drugs (salicylates, pyrazolon drugs) usually reduce pain a little. Nevertheless at an exacerbation of a disease salicylates in high doses much more improve a condition of patients.

It is necessary to include physical therapy in complex treatment widely: ultra-violet radiation, элекрофорез novocaine, magnito-and ozoceritotherapy, mud applications, radonic and hydrosulphuric bathtubs, massage, remedial gymnastics. Also cold wrapping, long muscular extension which promote regeneration of muscle fibers are recommended and slow down forcing of secondary muscular contractures. When the fibrositis is connected with damage of a backbone, extension, massage, mechanotherapy are shown.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Fibrositis:

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