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Miositis — inflammatory damage of skeletal muscles.
Local pains in the field of defeat which intensity increases over time are characteristic of a miositis. Pain considerably amplifies at the movements causing reduction of the affected muscles and also at their palpation. Because there is a protective muscle tension, over time there is a restriction of movements in joints. Because of pain and restriction of the movement muscular weakness gradually increases, up to an atrophy of the affected muscles.

Miositis symptoms:

The basic clinical the symptom of a miositis is local muscular pain. Its intensity increases when pressing on muscles or during the movement that causes the protective tension of the affected muscles and leads to restriction of mobility of joints. In certain cases over area of defeat infiltration and a hyperemia of integuments is observed. The affected muscle pains at a miositis amplifies not only at the movement, but also at rest, at night, at a weather changing.

During further development of a disease muscular weakness increases. The patient experiences difficulties when performing usual household actions. Ability to self-service decreases. As a result the partial or full atrophy of skeletal muscles develops.

The miositis can progress, involving new muscles in process. At a number of localizations this defeat constitutes serious danger. For example at a cervical miositis, the inflammation can affect muscles of a throat, a throat, a gullet. Because of it the food proglatyvaniye is at a loss, cough develops. If are involved in process respiratory muscles, there is asthma.

Miositis reasons:

The miositis results from the autoimmune processes affecting skeletal muscles.
Origins of a miositis are various. Quite often the disease is provoked by infections (flu, quinsy, rheumatism etc.). Also the disease can arise after injuries, excessive cooling or a muscle tension, severe muscular spasms during swimming, during the work (long stay) in an inconvenient or wrong pose.
In ethology — the miositis can arise for the reasons connected with the general mental stress of the person. The stress creates defense reactions of an organism, including muscular tension.

Treatment of the Miositis:

Depending on weight of defeat and a stage of a disease approach to treatment is individual and specific. One methods of physical therapy are not enough for full recovery. Reasonablly topical treatment: putting NPVP-ointments to the place of localization of the pains containing Diclofenac or Ketoprofen. The pain syndrome at a miositis is stopped by the tableted analgetics.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Miositis:

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