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Myofascial syndrome


One of the most widespread terms which designate muscular pain is the myofascial pain syndrome (MFBS). The myofascial pain syndrome is defined as the chronic muscular pain connected with the localized zone of change of the painful sensitivity caused by trigger points.

Symptoms of the Myofascial syndrome:

The myofascial syndrome can be presented by two options: the initial spastic (functional) and more expressed degenerative and dystrophic. In particular, weakness of an iliolumbar muscle is more widespread, than increase in its tone, and neurodystrophic changes often are present at muscles with a reduced tone.

In clinic of a myofascial syndrome major importance myofascial trigger points - from English have "cock". Trigger points are probed in muscles in the form of local consolidations of various sizes.
Active trigger points when pressing them give a symptom of "jump" - far irradiating pain.
Latent trigger points are painful locally.

Latent trigger points have big prevalence and quite often meet at young age in the absence of complaints.

Reasons of the Myofascial syndrome:

Vertebralny syndrome, physical overdressing, inconvenient static poses (postural tension), overcooling.

Точки возникновения миофасциального синдрома

Points of emergence of a myofascial syndrome

Treatment of the Myofascial syndrome:

Apply an integrated approach. It includes impacts on all levels involved in formation of "vicious circle" of a pain syndrome.
1. NPVP possessing analgeziruyushchy and antiinflammatory action.
2. The place the irritating ointments, Ural federal district, compresses, massage,
the local running-down procedures.
3. The tricyclic antidepressants possessing antidepressive and anti-nociceptive action.
4. Antikonvulsanta, muscle relaxants.
5. LFK,
6. In recent years there were data on successful use of botulinum toxin of type A in therapy of the states which are followed by muscular tension.

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