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Dispareuniya is the pain in a small pelvis or external genitals tested during the sexual intercourse and having the mental nature.

Dispareuniya's symptoms:

women it is shown by the pains arising or at introduction, or only at deep penetration of a penis of the man; at men - pains or other complaints during sexual reaction.

At establishment of the diagnosis at first it is necessary to exclude the physical reasons of pain. At men pain at the sexual intercourse can arise at prostatitis (a prostate inflammation) or when using some antidepressants, for example an azedina, Melipraminum or an anafranil.
At a dispareuniya at the woman the alarm and fear of sexual intercourse can develop. Anger or disgust for the sexual partner - other possible disturbance in which the doctor has to be engaged.

Dispareuniya's reasons:

Dispareuniya is more widespread among women. Pains during the sexual intercourse can develop in the first attempts of sexual intercourse. For example, the virgin has an entrance to a vagina partially or is completely closed by a membrane (hymen) therefore introduction of a penis during the first sexual intercourse leads to its gap that causes pain. Pains can arise also at inborn defects - such as dense hymen or pathologies in a vagina structure. During sexual intercourse at women traumatic damages of generative organs, effects of surgical intervention on external genitals belong to other physical reasons of emergence of pain (for example, operations on sewing up of fabrics after the birth of the child or operation which lead to a colpostenosis), inflammatory diseases of gland of an entrance of the vagina (bartholinitis), vaginas (vaginitis), necks of uterus, a body of the womb or uterine tubes, endometriosis, tumors of bodies of a small pelvis, commissure which were created after a disease of bodies of a small pelvis or operation. Besides, pain can be caused by weak allocation of a vulval secret because of insufficient preliminary caress. The wrong size of condom or allergic reaction to contraceptive structure also sometimes are the reasons of pain because of irritation of a vagina or a neck of uterus. Deficit of estrogen which usually arises after a menopause, causes dryness and thinning of walls of a vagina that can lead to emergence of pain during the sexual intercourse. Radiation therapy at treatment of oncological diseases sometimes leads to change in fabrics that does the sexual intercourse painful.

Dispareuniya's treatment:

Treatment of a dispareuniya begins with clarification of an origin of this disease and is carried out in a complex.

If there was a problem of psychological character, then the long psychotherapy which is carried out with both partners and directed to addition of psychological and sexological knowledge, disposal of fears, sexuality recovery, settlement of partnership is necessary.

Operational treatment of a dispareuniya is carried out if female generative organs are located in such a way that the woman cannot have sufficient satisfaction for calling of an orgasm.

If the dispareuniya is caused by inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis, then treatment needs to be begun with therapy. The leading place among the anti-infectious drugs which are most widely used in the world is taken by tsefalosporinovy antibiotics.

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