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Aura (other - Greek αὔρα — an easy breeze, whiff) ("partial" (focal, not developed) an epileptic attack) — any feeling or experience which is regularly preceding an epileptic attack or being an independent attack. Is an epilepsy symptom.

Aura symptoms:

Manifestations of aura are very different and depend on an arrangement of the site of a brain which function is broken (the convulsive center). It can be both fervescence, and feeling of uneasiness and concern, a sound, strange taste, a smell, the change of visual perception unpleasant of feeling in a stomach, dizziness, states "already seen" (deja vu) or "never seen" (jamais vu), feeling of internal pleasure or melancholy, and other feelings or experiences.

Aura reasons:

The nature of aura consists that the aura is clinical manifestation of activity of the convulsive center which, however, did not reach that level at which, against the background of this level of convulsive readiness of a brain there can come its specific epileptic reaction. This specific epileptic reaction of a brain is clinically shown as the developed epileptic attack. As a result we have certain feeling, specific to this patient, or experience which precedes an attack of epilepsy and is for it aura. Increase of activity of the convulsive center not always reaches that critical level at which there comes the generalized (developed) epileptic attack. In this case the aura is not a harbinger, and independent manifestation of an epileptic attack. And the essence of this manifestation consists in the following: increase of activity of the convulsive center is enough for manifestation of clinical signs (symptoms) of irritation of this zone of a brain, but insufficiently for overcoming there is nobody the threshold level of convulsive readiness of this brain after which there comes the generalized epileptic seizure.

Treatment of Aura:

Carry out treatment by the principle of antiepileptic therapy. Anticonvulsants warn or stop development of spasms. Antiepileptic drugs suppress excitability of neurons of the epileptiform center or on brake (oppress) irradiation of a pathological impulsation from the epileptogenic center on other departments of a brain, reduce the frequency and force of attacks, slow down process of degradation of mentality.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Aura's treatment:

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    AstraZeneca (Astrazenek) Sweden

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