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Hemolysis of erythrocytes


Hemolysis is the destruction of erythrocytes which is followed by an exit of hemoglobin from them. At the same time blood or a suspension of erythrocytes turns into transparent red liquid (varnish blood).

Symptoms of Hemolysis of erythrocytes:

Hemolysis can happen in blood (intravascular hemolysis) and in bodies (intracellular hemolysis). Mainly the intracellular hemolysis is normal observed, at the same time a part of erythrocytes daily collapses, is preferential in marrow and a spleen, and the released hemoglobin turns into bilirubin. At an increased hemolysis formation of bilirubin and its allocation with bile, and also release of urobilin, stercobilin and other urobilinoid with a stake and urine increases; jaundice and a splenomegaly are clinically often observed. If at vnutrisosulisty hemolysis of hemoglobin it is released much and the system of gaptoglobin does not cope with its processing, there are a haemoglobinaemia and a gemosiderinemiya, sometimes a haemoglobinuria. The intravascular hemolysis can be followed by fever, a fever, tachycardia, a dorsodynia. Hemolitic anemia which can be combined with change of number of leukocytes, thrombocytes, formation of blood clots in a vascular bed, development of cholelithiasis is a direct consequence of hemolysis. Sharp strengthening of extent of hemolysis (hemolitic crisis) usually leads to development of anemia or its deepening.

Reasons of Hemolysis of erythrocytes:

Anomalies of erythrocytes or influence of external factors (serumal antibodies, damage of erythrocytes, infectious agents) can be the reasons of hemolysis. Action of high and low temperatures, ultrasound, to chemical — hemolitic poisons, some medicines, etc. belongs to the physical factors causing hemolysis. Hemolysis can arise at incompatible blood transfusion, introductions of hypotonic salt solutions, as a result of hereditary insufficiency of fermental systems of erythrocytes, owing to formation of the autoantibodies directed against antigens of erythrocytes and when using some medicines (antibiotics, quinine, an isoniazid, a dopegit, etc.).

Treatment of Hemolysis of erythrocytes:

Symptomatic treatment. Therapy of a basic disease is carried out.

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