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Multi-colored (scaly) deprive


Multi-colored deprive it is widespread everywhere. Disease a little kontagiozno. An infection source - the patient. Infection happens at close contact or is mediated, through objects of personal leaving. Distribution and recuring of a disease are promoted by the increased perspiration, persistent infections, visceral pathology. The atypical, malignant current can get a disease at HIV infection. Incubation interval of 1-8 weeks.

Multi-colored (scaly) depriving symptoms:

On skin of a neck, a breast, a back, upper extremities, a stomach appear light pink, then yellowish-brown or coffee with spot milk size about an I-2-kopeck coin. Their surface at an easy poskablivaniye is shelled by small scaly scales. In the subsequent spots are depigmented, become well visible on suntanned skin that reminds a necklace of Venus. Spots increase in a size, merge among themselves in the extensive centers with melkofestonchaty edges around which there are fresh spots located perifollikulyarno. On a pilar part of the head it is possible to find a scaly peeling. In diagnosis use Baltser's test: greasing of the centers of 5% solution of iodine or aniline dyes that leads to more intensive coloring them at the expense of a loosening of a corneous layer of epidermis. Subjective feelings are absent. Disease chronic with periodic aggravations during the hot period of year. Infection often happens at children's age when the first centers of a peeling on a pilar part of the head, behind ears appear. During the pubertal period the disease gets bright clinical signs. Atypical forms meet: eritrazopodobny, vitiligopodobny, pseudo-papular.

Multi-colored (scaly) depriving of the reason:

The disease is caused by a drozhzhepodobny, lipophilic, opportunistic mushroom of Pityrosporum orbiculare. At microscopy in skin scales yeast cells with a diameter up to 8 microns accumulations in the form of clusters and a septirovanny mycelium are found.

Multi-colored (scaly) depriving treatment:

Within 2-3 weeks in the morning the centers are processed by 2% iodine solution, sulfur-salicyl alcohol or Andriasyan's liquid. Rub 5% sulfur-салициловуо ointment, 5-10% sulfur-tar ointment or nystatin, levorin ointments, or ointments of Clotrimazolum, travogen, mikospor in the evening. At common forms of a disease the short course of a nizoral on 200 mg within 7-10 days and outwardly processing of skin and a pilar part of the head across Demyanovich or 4% is shown by solution of boric acid. For the purpose of prevention of a recurrence of a disease carry out disinfection of underwear, clothes of patients and bed linen. After performing treatment the course of the general Ural federal district is shown. In the next 6 months monthly within one week carry out daily processings of skin of 4% by solution of boric acid or 60% sodium thiosulphate solution.

Multi-colored (scaly) depriving drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment:

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