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Syndrome of sudden death of babies


Syndrome of sudden children's death, or "death in a bed", in foreign medicine – SIDS) — the unexpected causeless death of the child aged from a week about one year. The syndrome origin is up to the end not investigated, but most of physicians consider it result of an apnoea (apnoea) and disturbance of a cordial rhythm. SVSM boys (about 60%) aged up to seven months are most subject ("peak" falls on 2-4 months). Most often sudden death comes at night or at daybreak, in cold season.
Statistically, SVSM indicator in the developed countries fluctuates from 0,2 to 1,5 cases on 1000 newborns (for example, in 1999: in Germany — 0.78, the USA — 0.77, Russia (data on St. Petersburg) — 0.43, Sweden — 0.45). After holding information campaign for decrease in risk of SVSM in England and Sweden indicators dropped by 70% and 33% respectively.
According to World Health Organization, SVSM is included into the three of the main reasons for death of children in the first year of life (along with congenital anomalies and perinatal states) – falls to its share in the different countries to 30% in structure of infantile mortality.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of sudden death of babies:

Doctors speak about a syndrome of sudden death of the baby only after careful investigation of all circumstances of death of the child during which any possible pathologies are consistently excluded. When neither posthumous examination, nor the careful analysis of history of development of the child explain the reason of his sudden death, the diagnosis of "SVSM" is made. Special statistical researches of all circumstances accompanying SVSM are conducted, risk factors come to light.

Reasons of the Syndrome of sudden death of babies:

Statistically, among major factors of risk: an overheat and bad airing of the room, smoking in the room of the child, excessively hard swaddling, a dream on a stomach, too soft pillow and a mattress. According to some pediatricians, the reason of increase in number of cases of SVSM - in situation "on a tummy" – actually is covered in a soft pillow or a matrasika. They just "press" the child's nose, blocking his breath. Therefore in a crib there has to be a rigid smooth mattress, and it is better to refuse a pillow at all. But, anyway, statistical data unambiguously indicate that the dream on a stomach significantly increases risk of SVSM: in the countries where it is traditional, or as a result of the waged information campaign, children are put to bed on a back, the lowest interest of cases of sudden death of kids is fixed.
Carry to risk factors also: prematurity and small weight of the child at the birth; early age of mother (up to 17 years); the complicated, long or premature births; abortions; multiple childbirth, especially with small time intervals.
Specialists believe that most often it is result of immaturity of neurohumoral system of the baby. During this period at children are frequent an apnoea – temporary breath holdings; and if they are fixed more often than once an hour and proceed longer than 10-15 seconds, it is worth reporting about it to the pediatrician immediately.

One more version of SVSM – disturbance of cordial activity of the baby: any arrhythmias, up to yes a short-term cardiac standstill; they can occur even at healthy children. Concerning any similar case it is necessary to consult also immediately with the children's doctor.

Increase in number of sudden death of babies during the autumn and winter period is traced. Perhaps, it is connected with increase in quantity of respiratory viral infections, or with decrease in immunity and need of the strengthened tension of adaptation reserves of a children's organism.

On one of hypotheses, the death of the baby can be caused by a chronic psychoemotional stress.
Whether the risk of emergence of SVSM raises a joint dream?
The unambiguous opinion in this respect does not exist. Some physicians incline to opinion that the joint dream can increase risk of SVSM – if the comfortable sleep of the kid is as a result interrupted. However most of pediatricians consider a joint dream, on the contrary, a factor of prevention of SVSM. The organism of the child is sensitive so that it synchronizes own breath and heartbeat with breath and heartbeat of mother. Besides the direct proximity of mother allows it to react as fast as possible, for example, to an apnoea of the child.

Treatment of the Syndrome of sudden death of babies:

If at the kid breath suddenly stopped, it is necessary to run the vigorous movement fingers from below up along a rachis, to take it on hands, to potormoshit, massage to it handles, a foot, a lobe of ears. As a rule, these measures happen enough that breath of the child was recovered. If it did not occur, it is necessary to call urgently "Ambulance", and before arrival of doctors to resort to emergency measures: to make massage of a thorax, an artificial respiration.

It is necessary to know how to give first aid at suffocation – the apnoea can come also because of hit in respiratory tracts of the child of foreign objects.

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