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Vomiting syndrome


Vomiting is a kind of vomiting at children of the first year of life. There is it due to passive throwing of gastric contents in a throat and an oral cavity. The health of the child at the same time is not broken.

Vomiting Syndrome symptoms:

Vomiting and vomiting not only give strong trouble to parents, they can also provoke development of different problems in the kid: deficit of weight of the child, disbolism, development of an inflammation of a gullet - an esophagitis. At persistent vomiting the organism of the baby loses a large amount of water, there is dehydration. The most terrible complication is aspiration (hit of emetic masses in respiratory tracts), with possible development of asphyxia of newborns and a syndrome of sudden death or aspiration pneumonia (pneumonia owing to aspiration).

For kids of the first three months of life emergence of an eructation or vomiting after meal, at good health and a normal increase in weight, is norm option. The underdevelopment of anatomical structures characteristic of newborns is the cornerstone of it. This picture occurs at 40 – 65% of healthy babies. In this case in process of maturing of an organism of vomiting pass independently, dietary correction for decrease in degree of their expressiveness only sometimes is required.
If and after this term of vomiting have persistent character, then the child needs to be consulted at the pediatrician.

Vomiting Syndrome reasons:

Frequency of vomiting and vomiting at children of chest age is explained by features of a structure of their digestive tract:

• Rather short gullet.
• The shape of a gullet reminding the funnel turned by expansion up.
• Slight physiological esophageal stenoses.
• An underdevelopment of a muscular sphincter at an entrance to a stomach ("an open bottle").
• Underdevelopment of a muscular coat of a stomach, hypersensitivity of a mucous membrane.

Morfofunktsionalny immaturity is more characteristic of premature children, but in a varying degree can be present also at the kids born in time.

The reasons causing vomiting and vomiting, a huge number. It can be also option of norm and, unfortunately, to confirm serious pathology.

Give, begin with the reasons functional which are norm option:

• The reforage or the wrong and chaotic feeding leads to stretching of a stomach and causes vomiting in the baby.
• The Gastroezofagalny reflux is an involuntary throwing of gastric and gastrointestinal contents in a gullet.
An aerophagia - swallowing air during feeding. At vertical position of a trunk an air bubble, being allocated from a stomach, pushes out a small amount of milk, mix.
A meteorism - the increased gas generation, intestinal gripes increase pressure in an abdominal cavity, provoking vomiting.
• Inadequate selection of mix.
• Bystry change position of a body, especially after feeding.
• Hard swaddling.
As for patologichny vomiting which happens for the organic reasons, they can be caused:
• Anomalies of digestive tract (pylorostenosis, phrenic hernia). The pylorostenosis is a narrowing of peloric department of a stomach. This pathology is shown in 2-3 weeks after the birth, is more often at boys. The nature of vomiting persistent, long, the kid quickly loses flesh.
• Perinatal damage of the central nervous system (the heavy course of pregnancy and childbirth, low figures of indicators of a scale Apgar, the increased intracranial pressure). At the baby the concern, a tremor of handles and a chin and other neurologic symptoms can be observed.
• Infectious processes (sepsis, meningitis, hepatitis) are followed by change of the general condition of the child – slackness, change of coloring of integuments, monotonous crying.
• Inherited disorders of exchange (fenilketonuriya, galactosemia, adrenogenital syndrome).
• Pathology of kidneys (renal failure).
Besides, poisoning with various substances can be the cause of vomiting at the kid.

Nevertheless, most often the syndrome of vomiting and vomiting on the first year of life is caused by perinatal encephalopathy (PEP). It results from an acute or chronic hypoxia (shortage of oxygen) of a fruit and injuries at the time of delivery. It is a so-called syndrome of vegeto-visceral dysfunctions (SVVDF).

Treatment of the Syndrome of vomiting:

Modern aspects of treatment directly depend on the syndrome reason, but there are general actions used at conservative treatment:

- Parents are recommended to increase frequency rate of feeding on 1 - 2 in comparison with age norm, respectively reducing food volume.

- It is necessary to feed the kid in semi-vertical position, using breaks during which it is necessary to hold the child vertically.

- Good prevention of vomiting is the vykladyvaniye of the kid on a tummy before each meal.

- During feeding you watch that the baby did not rest a nose against your breast, took a mouth and a nipple and an areola. At artificial feeding - the pacifier has to be filled with milk completely.

- Upon termination of feeding it is necessary to keep the child in vertical position to an air otkhozhdeniye.

- Eliminate the factors increasing intra belly pressure: hard swaddling, locks. The feeding mother needs to exclude from a diet the products strengthening a meteorism (black bread, bean, cabbage, apples).

- For elimination of vomiting clinical nutrition – "anti-reflux mixes" is used. They incorporate indigestible additive (thickener) in the form of natural dietary fibers which receive from carob tree beans (gum). Getting into a stomach, these fibers form a soft food clot which mechanically interferes with vomiting. Further, moving ahead on intestines, fibers assume water, increasing viscosity of intestinal contents, and the peristaltics is stimulated in the mechanical way. The lowered content of fats is characteristic of these medical mixes. It is known that greasy food detains gastric emptying.

The anti-reflux effect of mixes is defined by also casein dominant. Also its proteinaceous structure, more precisely a ratio of serum proteins to casein is of great importance. In maternal milk it makes 60-70/40-30, in cow's milk – 20/80, in the majority of the adapted mixes – 60/40. Increase in a dominant of casein interferes with vomiting, forming dense weight in a stomach.
Treat the most modern mixes meeting these requirements "Nutrilon an anti-reflux", Frisovom.

Functional disturbances of digestive tract can demand also drug treatment. The most effective medicines which are used in pediatrics at treatment of a syndrome of vomiting and vomitings are prokinetics. Treat them: cerucal, координакс, мотилиум, дебридат. Their action consists in acceleration of gastric emptying and strengthening of antropilorichesky motility.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of vomiting:

  • Препарат Мотиллион.


    Antiemetic. Stimulator of motility of digestive tract.

    LLC Pharmlend Republic of Belarus

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