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Trench foot


Trench foot – reaction of foot to wet, cold conditions which keep long time (usually days or more).

Reasons of trench foot:

Defeat of feet arises at long impact of cold and dampness.

The disease can arise even when wearing tight rubber footwear in which sweat or water accumulate. Cold and dampness narrow vessels, and blood does not come to foot fabrics.

Symptoms of trench foot:

First symptoms: itch, numbness and pain. Then the leg can swell, and skin becomes colourless. Often on skin the accurate line from water is designated. Rash of red color and the becoming wet blisters can lead to development of consecutive infection.

Отморожение стопы

Foot freezing injury

Treatment of trench foot:

Treatment consists first of all in careful warming of legs, drying of footwear and clarification of legs from dirt, giving of sublime situation to them and maintenance of dryness and heat.

Appoint antibiotics and sometimes – an injection of antitetanic serum.

Do not open blisters and do not lean the damaged sites of skin against heat sources.

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