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Intertrigo is the disease of skin affecting skin folds.

Most often интертриго appears in the following places:
- interdigital folds of brushes and feet
- inguinofemoral folds, mezhjyagodichny folds
- axillary folds
- folds under mammary glands, stomach folds.

Reasons интертриго:

Intertrigo can just arise owing to friction of the adjoining surfaces of skin. But also интертриго the bacterial or fungal infection of skin and their combination can cause.

Symptoms интертриго:

At first there is an edematous inflammatory erythema - erubescence, then in the depth of folds the becoming wet cracks which are followed by an itch, burning, pain are formed. Development of a disease is promoted: the mechanical moments (friction of two adjoining surfaces at the strengthened movement), the high external temperature, excess perspiration, obesity, insufficient hygiene of skin, a bad osushivaniye of a body after washing, excessive wrapping of newborns and so forth. Without treatment of a disease can extend on an integument, be complicated by a microbic and fungal infection, give an impetus to development of eczema.

Интертриго паховых складок

Intertrigo of inguinal folds

Treatment интертриго:

First of all to sleduyetustranit the factor which caused a disease. If the clinical picture of dermatitis is expressed not brightly, then it is possible then to be limited to external use of corticosteroid ointments, creams, aerosols. In more hard cases appoint the desensibilizing drugs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Intertrigo's treatment:

  • Препарат Ц-дерм А.

    Ts-dermas And

    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration + an antibiotic.

    LLC Pharmtekhnologiya Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Целестодерм®-В.


    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration.

    Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. (Merck Sharp and Doum of the Building) USA

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