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Puerilism (Latin puer – the child, puerilis – children's) (Dupre E., 1903) - the form of hysterical psychoses which is characterized by childishness of behavior against the background of hysterical narrowed consciousness.

Puerlizm's symptoms:

The puerilism is characterized by transition of mental activity to children's level — the diseased as if sink into dotage. They begin to speak by a children's voice, to burr, lisp, distort words, to be capricious, to take offense, knock easily legs, to imitate childish sports. People around call "uncles" and "aunties".

Puerlizm's reasons:

Separate lines of a puerilism, than complete puerile syndrome meet more often (Vvedensky I. N., 1944; Turova Z. G., 1954). Usually P.'s impregnations are noted at a ganzerovsky syndrome, a pseudodementia (a psevdodementno-puerile syndrome).

Puerlizm's treatment:

Treatment of a basic disease.

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