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Pvevdodemention, false weak-mindedness, painful aspiration to represent itself silly and sick. The concept is offered to Wernicke for difference from a dementnost as consequences of organic lesion of a brain.

Pseudodementia symptoms:

As the main manifestation of P. is observed the full or sharply expressed loss of elementary knowledge. B-nye feel helpless, are not able to do anything, nothing on remember, in attempts — are theatrically lost, use children's excuses. Constant demonstration of the full inability to thinking is characteristic. The relation to the elementary oral account is indicative, mistakes it seems are usual: 3x4 = 7 or 5x6 = = 56. The most usual answer to everything — "I do not know". Good orientation in surrounding, skillful respect for all the interests and so forth are a sharp contradiction with dementia revealed by them. Quite often they are depressive, ipokhondrichna with ridiculous complaints, find disorders of sensitivity, a tremor, frequent and lyabilny pulse. At a research of a symptom of Romberg would fall, without doing any attempts to keep balance. Speak by the slow suffering voice. The look in the form of the stiffened mask, stupid or silly, or simultaneous expression of discontent and suffering, in general a mimicry always sluggish is characteristic. Often, especially in jails, still the image of this or that "madness" joins it. One-time remuneration cures rather, than any other measures that should be meant at legislative and judicial formulations about a rent and remuneration. Often drastic remedy would be entering of clarity into situation and ignoring of symptoms.
The disease can last about one year and more. Current of a prison pseudodementia easier and skoroprekhodyashchy.

Pseudodementia reasons:

This painful reaction from a wedge. groups of psychogenias usually develops as a result of accidents and at the prolonged conflicts.

Treatment of the Pseudodementia:

Treatment is similar to treatment of hysteria. The main role in treatment of a hysterical syndrome is assigned to elimination of the factors which led to its emergence. If it cannot be executed, psychoanalysis and the subsequent reception of tranquilizers (soothing drugs) is necessary. Also today the special methods of physical therapy directed to calm of the patient are developed.

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