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Felti's syndrome


Felti's syndrome – the special visceral and joint form of rhematoid polyarthritis proceeding with damage of lymph nodes, significant increase in a spleen and a leukopenia. It averages from 1 to 5% of all cases of rhematoid polyarthritis.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Felti:

    *  a joint syndrome – polyarthritis of small peripheral joints;
    * the progressing increase in a spleen (more than  four times) – its lower pole can reach the level of a navel and be defined at a palpation, but in certain cases increase in a spleen is a late sign;
    * the generalizoyovanny lymphadenopathy occurs at 50% of patients;
    * increase in a liver, occasionally – portal hypertensia;
    * dark pigmentation of open parts of a body, shin ulcer;
    * rhematoid small knots, Shegren's syndrome;
    * polyneuropathy;
    * diffusion leyogochny fibrosis and other vistseropatiya.

Reasons of the Syndrome of Felti:

The reason of a syndrome of Felti is unknown. Some patients with a pseudorheumatism can have this syndrome, and at some – no.

Treatment of the Syndrome of Felti:

    *  glucocorticoids and cytostatics;
    * for treatment of rhematoid polyarthritis in some cases gold drugs are shown;
    * a splenectomy – removal of a spleen at inefficiency of conservative therapy;
    * symptomatic therapy and prevention of complications.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of Felti:

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