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Angular stomatitis (perleches)


Angular stomatitis (perleche) - the disease of a mucous membrane and skin of corners of a mouth caused by streptococci or drozhzhepodobny fungi of the sort Candida. Also multi-infection cases meet. Physicians also call its angular stomatitis or an angular cheilitis.
Development of perleches in corners of a mouth is promoted by a frequent licking of lips - mouth corners at the same time are moistened with the saliva containing the disease-producing bacteria inhabiting an oral cavity. It interferes with healing of cracks and in addition infects them.
The angular stomatitis becomes more active most often in the spring when immunity is reduced, consumption of biologically active agents decreases.

Reasons of an angular stomatitis (perleches):

- hypo - and avitaminosis (especially a lack of B2 vitamin),

- the diseases connected with a metabolism, for example, a diabetes mellitus. Doctors consider that it is result of a consecutive fungal infection.

- HIV infection,

- at malocclusion so-called maceration of skin and mucous membrane of corners of a mouth (treatment of fabrics saliva) which involves emergence of an angular stomatitis often meets;

- treatment by antibiotics, cytostatics and corticosteroids,

- mechanical irritation (incorrectly picked up prostheses, lack of teeth and appeared thereof change of a bite);

- not healed carious cavities, bad hygiene of an oral cavity;

- allergic damage of an oral cavity can also be the reasons of perleches.

Symptoms of an angular stomatitis (perleches):

1. The Kandidamikotichesky perleche in mouth corners (caused by drozhzhepodobny fungi of the sort Candida). It is characterized by lack of a crust, there is only a crack (a slit-like erosion) which is not visible if the oral cavity is closed. In most cases passes a chronic form of course and can appear at decrease in immunity or shortage of vitamins.

2. Streptococcal perleche. At this type of an angular stomatitis the bubble in mouth corners appears. It quickly disappears and on its place there is a crack (a slit-like erosion) which becomes covered by a crust. Often patients, especially children, tear off a crust, but it to appear again.

General manifestations: it is sick to talk, women cannot make up lips. Patients complain of an itch and burning, and after acceptance of spicy, salty and acid food painful feelings amplify. In hard cases patients even refuse food as it is very sick to open a mouth.

Ангулит (заеды)

Angular stomatitis (perleches)


It is easy to confuse an angular stomatitis with herpes on lips, to it doctors recommend to make tests: a smear (scraping) from an oral cavity on streptococci, candidiasis and a herpes infection.

It is also desirable to make clinical blood test, urine, to undergo consultation of the therapist, endocrinologist, hematologist. If emergence of an angular stomatitis is connected with mechanical damages, consultation of the orthopedist-stomatologist is obligatory.


Careful respect for hygiene of an oral cavity, once in half a year routine inspection at the stomatologist. To eat more than the products containing group B vitamins (the crude rice, bran, bean, nuts, green sheet vegetables, avocado, an egg yolk, fowl, fish, cheese), vitamin E (the vegetable oils received by cold pressing, cabbage, porridge, corn).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Angular stomatitis (perleches):

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