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Caries (Latin of Caries dentium) is the pathological process which is beginning after a teething, followed by demineralization and proteolysis with formation of a cavity under action endo-and exogenous factors.

Caries symptoms:

Stage of a spot (macula cariosa).
Demineralization begins with loss of natural gloss of enamel and emergence of opaque, white, light brown and dark brown spots.

The white carious spot depending on sharpness of process can have 2 ways of development:

    * the white carious spot (the progressing demineralization) turns further into superficial caries due to disturbance of integrity of a blanket
    * process is slowed down, stabilized, and owing to penetration of organic dyes changes color. It is necessary to understand that stabilization temporary and on site the pigmented spot will arise sooner or later defect of fabrics.

Caries in a spot stage usually proceeds asymptomatically, very seldom at the acute course of process (a white spot) there can be a sensitivity on chemical and thermal irritants.

Superficial caries (caries superficialis)/average caries (caries media).
Arises on site the white or pigmented spot as a result of destructive changes of enamel of tooth. Developing of short-term pain from cold and from chemical irritants — sweet, salty, acid is characteristic of superficial and average caries. At survey of tooth defect (cavity) is found. At superficial caries defect is in enamel limits, at average caries dentine is involved in process.

Deep caries (caries profunda).
At this form of carious process there are considerable changes of dentine, as causes complaints. Patients point to the short-term pains from mechanical, chemical and temperature irritants passing after their elimination.

At survey the deep carious cavity filled with a softened dentine is found. Sounding of a bottom of a cavity is painful. Because dentine is more pliable for carious process, the cavity in dentine is usually more extensive, than an enamel entrance.

Caries reasons:

Now developing of caries of teeth is connected with local change of pH on the surface of tooth under a dental plaque  owing to fermentation (glycolysis) of carbohydrates which is carried out by microorganisms and by formations of organic acids.

By consideration of origins of caries of tooth the variety of various factors which interaction causes emergence of the center of demineralization attracts attention: oral cavity microorganisms, character of food (amount of carbohydrates), a diet, quantity and quality of salivation (remineralizing potential of saliva, buffer properties, nonspecific and specific factors of protection of saliva), shifts in a functional condition of an organism, amount of the fluorine coming to an organism, influence of the environment etc. However major factors for developing of caries the following: a kariyesvospriimchivost of a tooth surface, cariogenic bacteria, the fermented carbohydrates and time.

Treatment of Caries:

Demineralization of caries in a stage of a spot is reversible when performing remineralizing therapy. Remineralizing therapy can be carried out within 10 days by applications of 10% of solution of a gluconate of calcium, 1-3% of Remodenta solution (means which is received from natural raw materials) and fluorinated drugs (sodium fluoride of 2-4%). To carry out the most effectively this procedure in a chair of the doctor: at first cleaning of tooth of a plaque and pellicle is carried out, then the pretty spot is processed weak solution of acids (for example 40% citric acid) within 1 minute then wash out water and apply solution of 10% of a gluconate of calcium or a hydrochloride of calcium by means of application or an electrophoresis within 15 minutes with addition of fresh solution each five minutes. The forecast is favorable for the white not pigmented spots, on condition of optimization of hygiene of an oral cavity.

Treatment of superficial, average and deep caries is carried out by preparation (removal of the struck fabrics) with the subsequent substitution, sealing of a carious cavity.

Physicians from the French national institute of health and medical researches (INSERM) in 2010 found a way of treatment of tooth sore with caries without operative measure. The melanocyte stimulating hormones entered into a carious cavity or applied with a row stimulate cells of tissues of tooth to breed and zarashchivat damage. Experiences on mice showed that teeth are recovered within a month.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Caries:

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