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Euthyroid craw


Euthyroid craw - the enlargement of the thyroid gland caused by reduced products of thyroid hormones and which is not followed by clinical signs of a hypothyroidism. If this state is caused by insufficient consumption of iod with food, then it is called a local (colloid) craw. An euthyroid craw - the most common form of an enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Symptoms of the Eutireodny craw:

At early stages the diagnosis is based on existence of a soft symmetric and smooth craw. It is possible to find instructions on low consumption of iodine or high consumption of goitrogenic products in the anamnesis. Absorption of a radioiodine a thyroid gland remains within norm or increases, and scanning gives a normal picture. The maintenance of T4 in serum and KSTG usually too do not change. Later in a thyroid gland multiple nodes and cysts can appear.
The euthyroid craw, even the big sizes, usually does not cause any unpleasant feeling. With an uneven growth of certain sites of gland considerable disturbances of a shape of a neck are possible. At the same time signs are sometimes observed it is squeezed vessels of a neck, nerves and a trachea. In these cases patients complain of the complicated breath, change of a voice or an osiplost.

Reasons of the Eutireodny craw:

Often euthyroid craw develops at the beginning of the pubertal period, during pregnancy and in the period of a postmenopause. Inborn defects of products of thyroid hormones or consumption of goitrogenic products (such as turnip) which contain the anti-thyroid connections similar to thiouracil belong to a set of other provocative factors. Many medicines, in particular aminosalicylic acid, drugs of sulfanyl-urea, lithium and even iod in high doses are capable to block synthesis of thyroid hormones. At the same time the TTG level kompensatorno increases that prevents a hypothyroidism, but at the same time leads to formation of a craw. The repeating cycles of stimulation and involution of a thyroid gland can cause formation of nontoxic nodal craws.

Treatment of the Eutireodny craw:

It is necessary to find out the craw reason. Now iodic insufficiency meets seldom, but if it after all takes place, appoint iodine. If as the reason serves high consumption of goitrogenic products, then these products need to be excluded. In other cases suppression of function of a hypo-talamo-pituitary axis thyroid hormones has to remove a promoting effect of TTG which leads to formation of a craw. It is necessary to use full replaceable doses, i.e. 100-150 mkg/days of L-thyroxine inside. At a big craw sometimes it is necessary to resort to an operative measure to avoid a prelum of respiratory tracts or to eliminate cosmetic defect.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Eutireodny craw:

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