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Hypothyroidism - painful sostoyay, caused by the termination or considerable decrease in level of secretion of hormones a thyroid gland. The hypothyroidism can be as inborn, and acquired. At its inborn character or acquired at early children's age (up to 3 years) at patients cretinism with inherent to it mental and physical inferiority develops. Such patients are undersized, with pale gray wrinkled face skin (the "monkey" person), the sunk-down wide nose, a low forehead, carious teeth, they are mentally defective, have deafness, muscular slackness, locks. The nodal craw is diagnosed for many of them. Except extreme degree of the mental inferiority observed at cretins the transitional options of intellectual decrease characterizing cretinoids can come to light.

Анатомические особенности щитовидной железы

Anatomic features of a thyroid gland

Hypothyroidism reasons:

The hypothyroidism can be a consequence as damages of the most thyroid gland of the inborn or acquired character, and the disturbances of gipotalamo-pituitary system which are followed by the termination of secretion of the thyritropic hormone (TTG) stimulating function of a thyroid gland.
The hypothyroidisms caused by malformations and damage of a thyroid gland are called primary, and depending on disturbance of pituitary regulation of a thyroid gland, - secondary. Both of these forms are shown by a similar clinical picture.
The insufficiency of gland caused by a local craw, thyroidites, and also operation on iron is more often characterized by the incomplete termination of products of thyroid hormones.

Hypothyroidism symptoms:

The clinical picture of a hypothyroidism is defined by extent of disturbance of secretory function of gland, age at which it arises constitutional features of the patient and therefore widely varies.
At a heavy current of a hypothyroidism at adults, except the symptoms characteristic of easy degree of a disease mentioned above, sharp general weakness, motive and mental block, puffiness and a peeling of skin, одутловатесть persons, hoarseness of a voice, the slow and muffled speech, increase in language, a hair loss, decrease in body temperature, heartbeat delay, locks, decrease in standard metabolism, sharp decrease in absorption by a thyroid gland of a radioiodine-131, an anemia, increase in level of cholesterol in blood, reduction of content of belkovosvyazanny iodine in blood serum, etc. is observed.
The termination of function of a thyroid gland leads to development of a myxedema that is one of signs of insufficiency of a thyroid gland usually full. Therefore hard proceeding hypothyroidisms are quite often called a myxedema.
Not treated hypothyroidism is followed by the accelerated development of atherosclerosis and its complications - a myocardial infarction, thrombosis of vessels of a brain and the main vessels. Therefore early diagnosis of a disease is important for the patient's life.

Внешний вид больной гипотиреозом

Outward of the patient hypothyroidism

Врожденный гипотиреоз

Inborn hypothyroidism

Treatment of the Hypothyroidism:

Treatment of patients with primary hypothyroidism is carried out only by Thyreoidinum or pure hormonal drugs - the thyroxine, triiodothyronine which are "fitting a prosthesis" function of a thyroid gland. Such treatment is called replaceable. It is highly effective at patients at whom the hypothyroidism arose at youthful and adult age, less effectively when the disease developed in the childhood, and it is absolutely inefficient at an inborn hypothyroidism. At secondary - pituitary - a hypothyroidism except replaceable treatment appointment of thyritropic hormone as the patient is necessary.
Surgical intervention on a thyroid gland at patients with a hypothyroidism is made only at gland defeat.
Due to the progress in organ transplantation operations of surgical treatment at a hypothyroidism by change by the patient of a thyroid gland of the person on a vascular leg were performed.
However, as well as the tissue transfers of a thyroid gland which were earlier made by such patient, changes of the last on a vascular leg give only short-term effect. Therefore their vypoleniye can be justified only at intolerance by patients of thyroid drugs or their inefficiencies.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hypothyroidism:

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    Thyroid means.

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