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Препарат Flavia™. Универсальное агентство «Про-Фарма» Украина

Producer: Universal agency "Pro-Pharma" Ukraine

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Capsules.

Indications to use: Urolithiasis.

General characteristics. Structure:

1 capsule contains active ingredients in 475 mg:

  • Castor oil/castor oil / 112,0 mg
  • Pinus oil/pine oil / 75,0 mg
  • Ammi visnaga/extract of an amma tooth / 60,0 mg
  • Menta piperita oil/oil of a peppermint / 37,5 mg
  • Juniperus oil/oil of berries of a juniper / 7,5 mg
  • Herba Leonuris candiaca/extract of a grass of a motherwort ordinary / 6,0 mg
  • Chamomillae flores/extract of flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical / 2,0 mg

Pharmacological properties:

  • promotes dissolution and an otkhozhdeniye of nephroliths;
  • promotes washing away of small stones from a renal pelvis and ureters;
  • promotes elimination of renal colic;
  • prevents formation of uric "sand" and nephroliths;
  • eliminates various disturbances of an urination at acute and persistent infections of urinary tract.

 FLAVIA™ renders the spasmolytic, anesthetizing, antiinflammatory, antimicrobic and diuretic action.

Indications to use:

  • complex therapy of various forms of an urolithiasis (considerably facilitates a condition of patients in cases when surgical intervention is impossible);
  • active prevention of formation of stones in kidneys, in particular, at urolithic diathesis;
  • complications which arose owing to passing of fragments of stones, including after a shock and wave lithotripsy ("crushing of stones");
  • normalization of physical and chemical indicators of urine and urodynamic at regulation of mineral exchange;
  • with the preventive purpose to patients from risk group at intestines diseases.

Route of administration and doses:

The adult on 1 capsule 2 times a day irrespective of meal. If necessary it is possible to increase a daily dose to 3 capsules. The course is defined by the doctor individually.

Before reception it is recommended to consult with the doctor.

Side effects:

It is not revealed.


Pregnancy and period of a lactation, diarrhea, individual intolerance of components.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe

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