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Paraffinoma - the high-quality new growth of a penis developing after introduction under skin of a penis of foreign bodys: various gels, vaseline, plastic or metal balls and other foreign bodys.

Paraffinoma reasons:

The paraffinoma of a penis is an urgent problem of modern medicine. Introduction under skin of a penis of vaseline, paraffin, plastic or metal balls and other foreign bodys for the purpose of increase in length and thickness of a penis with formation of a paraffinoma does not give positive effect and negatively influences sexual function of patients.

Paraffinoma symptoms:

The main complaints at the address to the pains in the field of a paraffinoma amplifying at an erection, low-mobility of integuments of a penis, lymphatic hypostasis, reduction of the sizes and deformation of a penis, disturbance of erectile function, inflammatory changes in area of a paraffinoma.

Oleogranulematozny process can extend to other departments of a penis, a scrotum, an urethra, and also to be complicated by a paraphimosis (infringement of a head), malignant regeneration. It is necessary to mention also pyoinflammatory complications of such procedure since often administration of foreign substances is made in insanitary conditions.




Diagnosis of a paraffinoma comes easy. Careful survey and a palpation allow to reveal dense knotty granulomas in an injection site of foreign substances, cicatricial deformation. In some cases for specification of nature of defeat, namely - involvement of cavernous tissue of penis in pathological process and/or interest of vessels, additional diagnostic methods, such as ultrasonography of a penis, doppler sonography and a doppleroskopiya can be required.

Treatment of a paraffinoma:

Treatment of a paraffinoma of a penis only operational. Consists in surgical excision of oleogranulematozny infiltrates that in some cases allows to warn complications. Complexity of operation depends on amount of the entered vaseline or other substance. If the granuloma small is also located in the field of a prepuce, then economical removal of the changed fabrics and skin with defect sewing up is carried out.

However most often damage of skin is so extensive that it is necessary to carry out operation in two steps: at first to excise the changed skin of all penis with immersion it in a hypodermic tunnel of a front surface of a scrotum (Raich's operation, 1 stage). In 1,5-2 months the second phase of operation of Raich - separation from a penis scrotum with final recovery of its integument is completed.

If the volume of skin of a scrotum does not allow to execute full-fledged plastics, then the plastics of cover tissues of penis is carried out by the free skin loskuia taken from forearms, a back or the side surface of a hip of the patient.

If cavernous bodies of a penis are involved in pathological process, then recovery of erectile function requires implantation of prostheses of a penis. However at the same time, certainly, the risk of emergence of postoperative complications increases.

The general are probable for all types of operations of a complication, such as pains, bleeding, wound fever, bad wound repair. Sometimes perhaps incomplete engraftment of the replaced skin, and also development of sexual psychological dysfunction, корригирующейся by means of use of rational psychotherapy.

In most cases timely operation on removal of a paraffinoma allow to achieve morphological and functional recovery with rather bystry rehabilitation of patients. Long-term results favorable. You will be satisfied not only with cosmetic effect of operation, but also the remained possibility of sex life as in the presence of disturbances of an erection, performance of a falloprotezirovaniye is possible.

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