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Iodine deficiency


Iodine is necessary for synthesis of hormones of a thyroid gland. Nearly 80% of iodine of an organism contain in a thyroid gland, the most part – in its hormones. Daily requirement of iodine for the adult – 100-150 mkg. The need for iodine increases at pregnancy, feeding by a breast and during the periods of intensive growth, recovery after various diseases and operations. A rich source of iodine are seafood, in particular a laminaria. The amount of iodide (an iodine form) in drinking water usually depends on its contents in the soil of this area. The increased risk of development of an iodine deficiency as they live at big height above sea level where drinking water contains not enough iodine has about 10% of inhabitants of Earth. Iodide is added sometimes to table salt (iodized salt).

Суточная потребность в йоде в организме

Daily need for iodine for an organism

Iodine deficiency reasons:

The iodine deficiency develops at a lack of this element of food stuffs and water.

Iodine deficiency symptoms:

The iodine deficiency leads to development of diseases: local craw, cretinism, hypothyroidism. The iodine deficiency at adults at first is shown by drowsiness, irritability, slackness, forgetfulness, bad mood, memory and attention worsens, the libido decreases, headaches are noted. At the proceeding iodine deficiency there is anemia, arrhythmia, diastolic pressure increases, atherosclerosis develops, hypostases around eyes, on a face and hands, weakness, muscular pains, chest and lumbar radiculitis are characteristic. The iodine deficiency causes the expressed backwardness in intellectual and physical development in children. At an iodine deficiency at the woman during pregnancy the risk of an abortion increases or at the child cretinism develops. At an iodine deficiency the thyroid gland aims to take bigger amount of the iodine necessary for synthesis of hormones and increases. Level of iodides in blood and urine at the same time decreases. The local craw develops.

Дефицит йода

Iodine deficiency


The iodine deficiency can be determined by amount of iodine in urine. Also estimate a condition of a thyroid gland: determine the T3 levels, T4 and TTG, and also appoint ultrasonography of a thyroid gland.

Treatment of an iodine deficiency:

For treatment of an iodine deficiency use iodine drugs. At serious scarce conditions in parallel appoint drugs of hormones of a thyroid gland.
Now to all pregnant women iodine drugs for prevention of its deficit are appointed. Treatment of the pregnant woman consists in reception of iodine in doses, approximately by 10 times exceeding the recommended daily allowance within several weeks.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Iodine deficiency:

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