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Hairy leukoplakia


Hairy leukoplakia - one of leukoplakia forms having important clinical value and testimonial of immunosuppression.

Symptoms of the Hairy leukoplakia:

At a hairy leukoplakia on the edge of language whitish speakers over a fold surface are formed. In the beginning they dim also alternate with sites of not changed pink mucous membrane that gives them a characteristic type of a washing board. Over time whitish folds merge, forming a plaque. Large plaques usually of a bessimptomna, have indistinct borders and do not separate from a language surface.

The hairy leukoplakia often has bilateral localization, but can arise also on one party. Sometimes it is revealed also on a mucous membrane of cheeks and on a soft palate.

Reasons of the Hairy leukoplakia:

Hairy leukoplakias observe almost only at the HIV infection and other immunodeficiencies, for example, caused by some general diseases or reception of immunodepressants after transplantation of body. It is carried to so-called white defeats, and it is localized preferential at edges of language, but can extend also to a back and the lower surface. The disease is connected with replication of a virus of Epstein-Barre in epithelial cells. Its name is connected with the fact that at a histologic research the parakeratotichesky blanket has a "hairy" appearance. At a hairy leukoplakia often sow S. of albicans.

Treatment of the Hairy leukoplakia:

Purpose of antiviral drugs leads to reduction of the sizes of a plaque or its disappearance. The zidovudine, an acyclovir and ганцикловир are effective. The disease can pass also without treatment. At HIV-positive people the risk of a lymphoma of Berkitt is increased. At their emergence carry out chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However after the treatment termination the hairy leukoplakia can recur.

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