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Blood diseases


Blood diseases — big and diverse group of the diseases which are followed by this or that disturbance of functions or structures of these or those blood cells — erythrocytes, leukocytes or thrombocytes, or pathological change of their number — increase either decrease, or change of properties of a blood plasma, as at monoclonal gammapathies. The hematology is the medical science which is engaged studying of diseases of blood, pathologies of circulatory system of the person, diganostiky, in treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Symptoms of Diseases of blood:

For each disease of blood there are own specific characters and symptoms, in addition to the indicators revealed at the general blood test. So for example, at a lack of hemoglobin of blood, transferring of oxygen from lungs in bodies and worsens back therefore all human body tests air hunger, disbolism is a consequence of what. As a result of the lowered hemoglobin the probability of development of anemia, owing to shortage of iron in an organism is high.

As a result of deficit of thrombocytes in blood at the person coagulability of blood is broken. Similar disturbance is observed at hemophilia - the disease of blood and the hemopoietic oragn which is characterized by heavy dysfunction of a svretyvayemost of blood that is followed to bleedings even at small cuts. Also deficit of thrombocytes can be observed at viral and bacterial infectious diseases, some types of anemias, malignant diseases, reception of antibiotics, antiallergic drugs, anesthetics.

- Anemia
Increase in level of hemoglobin
The raised bleeding
The raised number of thrombocytes, hemophilia
The raised number of leukocytes
The lowered number of leukocytes
- Leukemia
Increase in lymph nodes
- Lymphoma
- Lymphogranulomatosis

Reasons of Diseases of blood:

Blood losses (acute, chronic) can be the reasons of anemia; disturbances of a krovoobrazovaniye (hemogenesis); the strengthened destruction (disintegration) of erythrocytes.
Disturbances of structure and structure of the chromosomal device, the ionizing radiyoation, action of chemical mutagens can be an origin of acute leukoses and a myelosis. at benzene influence, among the patients receiving cytostatic immunodepressants (an imuran, Cyclophosphanum, лейкаран, sarcolysine, му­старген, etc.). The facts of developing of an acute miyeloblastny leukosis, an acute erityoromiyeloz against the background of long chemotherapy of a chronic lymphoid leukosis, Valdenstrem's makroglobuliyonemiya, a multiple myeloma, a lymphogranulomatosis and other tumors are known. Opisayona of observation of dominant and recessive inheritance of a chronic lymphoid leukosis. Not the leukosis, but the instability of chromosomes contributing rodonayochalny myeloid or lymphatic cells to leukemic transformation is more often inherited.
Reasons of a limfogranulomatoz. It is considered that some factors (called by risk factors) play a role in developing of this disease. At the people infected with Epstein-Barre's virus (causing an infectious mononucleosis), Hodzhkin's lymphoma arises more often. HIV infection is also risk factor. According to some information, at relatives of patients with a lymphogranulomatosis risk to ache above an average. It is important to note that if is available for you one or more above-mentioned risk factors, it does not mean that you will get sick. It is known that at most of people with these risk factors the lymphogranulomatosis never arises. Besides, at many patients with the diagnosed Hodzhkin's lymphoma, no risk factors were revealed.

Treatment of Diseases of blood:

The vast majority of disturbances of system of blood demands the obligatory address to the doctor for spetsialitsirovanny treatment or observation under its control. So if the person has a level of erythrocytes, a thrombocyte, leukocytes the lowered or raised, then these deviations about norms are treated by means of medicines, correction of food, reception of vitamins. The strong chemotherapy is applied to treatment of leukemia.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Diseases of blood:

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