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Syndrome of "gray thrombocytes"


Syndrome of "gray thrombocytes" (gray platelet syndrome) – a genetic disorder of secretion of thrombocytes at which their quantity is reduced.

Syndrome symptoms of "gray thrombocytes":

Clinically: increase in the sizes of thrombocytes, gray coloring. Dabo; rotary: decrease in quantity and - granules and trombotsitspetsifichesky proteins and - granules.
The clinical picture is defined by the basic disease which caused thrombocytopenia.

Сокращение количества тромбоцитов - один из признаков синдрома «серых тромбоцитов»

Reduction of quantity of thrombocytes - one of syndrome signs of "gray thrombocytes"

Syndrome reasons of "gray thrombocytes":

This syndrome has a genetic etiology.

Treatment of the Syndrome of "gray thrombocytes":

Treatment only symptomatic.

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