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Falling of the vagina


Falling of the vagina - vagina shift from top to bottom with a vykhozhdeniye from a sexual crack; often accompanies a prolapse of the uterus.

The disease quite often begins at reproductive age and has always the progressing character. And in process of development of process also functional disturbances which, often accumulating at each other go deep, cause not only physical sufferings, but also do these sick partially or completely disabled.

Выпадение влагалища

Falling of the vagina

Reasons of a falling of the vagina:

On the basis of studying of features of an etiopathogenesis of this disease more than at 1500 women it was noted that always the present  factor at development of this pathology is increase in intra belly pressure ekzo-or endogenous character and insolvency of a pelvic bottom in which emergence it is possible to allocate 4 main reasons though also  their combination is possible.
The posttraumatic damage of a pelvic bottom which is most often arising in the course of childbirth.
Insolvency of connective tissue structures in the form of  "system" insufficiency shown existence of hernias of other  localizations, omission of other internals, i.e. splankhoptozy.
Disturbance of synthesis of steroid hormones.
The chronic diseases which are followed by disturbance of exchange processes, microcirculation.

Under the influence of one or several of the listed factors there comes functional insolvency of the copular device of internal generative organs and a pelvic bottom. At increase in intra belly pressure bodies begin to be squeezed out out of limits of a pelvic bottom.

Symptoms of a falling of the vagina:

This process develops slowly. Though swelling of a wall of a vagina sometimes makes a frightening impression, it not a dangerous state. It just creates considerable inconveniences, preventing the normal sexual intercourses, and it is difficult to adapt to it.

The falling of the vagina, depending on localization of the dropping-out site and degree of swelling, can be followed also by a prolapse of a bladder, rectum and uterus. Loss of a front wall of a vagina is most often observed. At the same time there is a feeling as though in anticipation of a vagina there is an egg. The size of the bulked-up or fallen wall can reach the size of a fist or even grapefruit.

Sometimes because of a falling of the vagina it is difficult to hold urine during sneezing, laughter or cough. At a prolapse of the rectum there can be disturbances at removal of contents of intestines.

Treatment of a falling of the vagina:

There is a number of methods of treatment of a falling of the vagina. Your doctor will help you to choose the most suitable of them.

Increase the use of food fibers. The food rich with vegetable fibers though directly does not eliminate loss of bodies, but helps to support, for example, softer consistence of intestinal masses and their easier movement on intestines, thereby somewhat reducing probability of loss. It is recommended to use more fruit and vegetables, and also drugs with food fibers.

Grant more often "respite" to the bladder. The probability of an effluence of urine from a bladder owing to pressure from a prolapse will decrease if you monitor its regular emptying. Remind yourself constantly that it is necessary to urinate in time even if you do not feel desires.

If the prolapse does not cause any serious frustration, perhaps, better not to undertake anything. Discuss this question with the doctor.

Think of operation. For elimination of a prolapse your doctor can advise you operation during which situation of front and back walls of a vagina is improved. If it becomes clear that the falling of the vagina is connected with disturbances in a uterus, the doctor will offer a vulval hysterectomy - operation of removal of a uterus without opening of an abdominal cavity.

Use pessaries. In the absence of indications for surgical interventions the doctor can appoint to you use of a pessary - the device manufactured of plastic or rubber and reminding by the form a diaphragm. It is located in a vagina to prevent loss of fabrics. Pessaries can be changed in each several months. They are safe though at their use there can sometimes be an unpleasant smell or small sores.

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