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Botryomycoma - the benign, high-growth tumor of skin or mucous membrane hanging on a leg.

Botryomycoma reasons:

Origins of a botryomycoma include injuries, grazes, splinters, pricks, infection with pyogenic microbes (generally stafilokokkam).

Botryomycoma symptoms:

The botryomycoma resembles a mushroom or a cluster superficially; soft, easily bleeding, cyanotic-red color.

Is located usually on open parts of a body — fingers of hands, lips, cheeks, on a forehead, on a language tip, on an ear lobe.

The botryomycoma quickly grows: its surface can ulcerate, crust. Without treatment the botryomycoma can long increase and keep.

Ботриомикома (пиогенная гранулема)

Botryomycoma (piogenic granuloma)

Treatment of a botryomycoma:

There are several ways of treatment of botryomycomas. And in the state KVD, and in many medical clinics the surgical method of removal or a method of electrothermic coagulation is applied. Both those and other methods are very painful, involve formation of scars and hems, not always differ in high degree of efficiency. Besides, at surgical intervention there is always a risk of blood poisoning.
Thanks to development of laser medicine and creation of the latest technologies in this area, there was an opportunity to treat a botryomycoma by means of laser radiation. With confidence it is possible to claim what at the moment is the most effective way of removal of a botryomycoma. Laser removal of new growths - a method absolutely painless (local anesthesia). This type of treatment has no negative effects, excludes risk of infection and a possibility of repeated emergence of botryomycomas.

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