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Onikholizis is a widespread disease of nails. This pathology is connected with easing or division of a nail on a finger from a nail bed. Onikholizis usually begins on a tip of a nail and the bed progresses towards nail.

Reasons of an onikholizis:

Many factors can cause онихолизис. Some of the most common causes:
- repeated injuries, for example, daily use of the keyboard in the presence of long nails;
- too strong pressure upon a nail at manicure;
- long immersion of nails in water.

At people of all age, any floor and race can develop онихолизис though it is more often observed at women.

As a set of the reasons can cause онихолизис, the doctor has to conduct examination to check other diseases of skin or morbid conditions, such as diseases of a thyroid gland. If the fungal infection is suspected, it is necessary to conduct a laboratory research of the cut-off nail.  

Symptoms of an onikholizis:

- uneven border between a pink and white part of a nail;
- a part of a nail is opaque, it can be turned white,  yellow or green color;
- discoloration under nails which can result from consecutive infection;
- the nail can have reinforced skin under edge of a nail plate, the surface of a nail can be deformed;
- онихолизис, as a rule, proceeds without serious consequences;
Pain can arise if as a result of an injury or at an active infection there comes sharp department of a nail from nail a bed.

Поражение ногтей при онихолизисе

Damage of nails at an onikholizisa

Treatment of an onikholizis:

Treatment of an onikholizis depends on the problem reason. Elimination of the contributing factors is the best treatment. For example, treatment of a hyperthyroidism will allow to recover the normal growth of nails, and it is possible to eliminate an infection by means of drugs.

Part of a nail which is separated from a bed not to be recovered therefore it is necessary  to wait until the nail completely grows. It can take 4-6 months.
Prevention of progressing or recurrence of an onikholizis requires carrying out the following measures:
- short trimming of nails;
- prevention of traumatizing nail;
- avoidance of long impact on nails of the irritating substances, including, paints, detergents.
- use of light cotton gloves when performing homework.

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