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Syndrome of yellow nails


The syndrome of yellow nails occurs equally often at men and women, is more often than middle age. The current is long, spontaneous remissions and treatment are possible.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of yellow nails:

Clinical manifestations are characterized by yellow coloring of nails, delay of their growth, a thickening, fragility, transparency loss, disappearance of an alveole and nail thin skin. Nails of fingers of brushes are surprised more often than nails of feet. Lymphatic hypostasis of upper extremities is an important clinical sign. Hypostasis of periungual rollers is quite often observed, their coloring becomes reddish and cyanotic. Hypostasis can precede change of nails. With a syndrome of yellow nails diagnose exudative pleurisy for some patients. The listed symptoms help to establish the correct diagnosis and to carry out differential diagnosis with other forms of an onikhopatologiya.

Yellow coloring of a nail can be caused by long use of low-quality nail varnishes. Besides, yellow coloring of the affected nail is characteristic of an onychomycosis.

Also, yellow color of all nail plate can be caused by other internal and exogenous causes. For example, at different types of jaundice discoloration of nail plates can be one of the earliest displays of a disease. Yellow color of nails meets also as manifestation of a yellow disease, nails can change the color at reception of various medicines.

Клинические проявления синдрома желтых ногтей

Clinical manifestations of a syndrome of yellow nails

Reasons of the Syndrome of yellow nails:

The etiology of a disease is unknown. Believe that in its pathogeny defect of development of lymphatic system, perhaps, and peripheric circulation matters. The syndrome of yellow nails is characteristic of a chronic lymphostasis and meets at erythroses of various origin.

Treatment of the Syndrome of yellow nails:

There are no special methods. There is a message on a favorable effect from long (up to 6 months) vitamin E uses, are noted positive takes when using furosemide and Spironolactonum (within several weeks).

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