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Pink eels (rozatsea)


Pink eels – the disease of sebaceous glands caused by a constitutional angiopatiya, neuroendocrinal frustration and dysfunction of digestive organs.

Symptoms of Pink eels (rozatse):

In development of pink eels distinguish 3 stages. At the I stage there is a hyperemia which amplifies at action of heat, nervousness, reception of spicy food. Gradually there are teleangiectasias (an erythematic stage). At the II stage against the background of a congestive erythema with teleangiectasias plaques with a set of pustulous elements when which opening the purulent exudate shrinking in crusts (a papular and pustular stage) is emitted are formed of the merging small knots of red color. At  the III stage skin is thickened, inflammatory infiltrates, volume nodes from which when pressing pus (an infiltrative stage) can be emitted are formed. Process is localized on a nose, cheeks, is more rare on a forehead. If growths in a nose become considerable, then the strobiloid nose (rhinophyma) forms.

Reasons of Pink eels (rozatse):

Genetic predisposition to pink eels is occasionally observed.
4-5% of the patients who addressed the dermatologist have primary elements of pink eels. The disease arises at women after 30 years more often.
Risk factors of development of pink eels are insolation, overheating, stressful situations.
Diseases are the cornerstone endocrine and vegeto-vascular disturbances. Sometimes the chronic course of a disease is supported by the tick living in sebaceous glands – an iron woundwort (demodex folliculorum).
In a pathogeny of pink eels the important role belongs to the diseases of the digestive system, neuroendocrinal frustration leading to angioneuroses with insufficiency of peripheric circulation.

Treatment of Pink eels (rozatse):

Treatment of pink eels has to be complex and pathogenetic proved taking into account a stage of process and associated diseases.
The main directions in treatment of pink eels: 1) recovery of microcirculation in skin, 2) normalization of function of sebaceous glands, 3) correction of disturbances of activity of digestive organs, and also a nervous system.
As antibacterial therapy apply Trichopolum on 0,25 mg 2 times a day within 10-14 days. At a large number of pustulous elements appoint antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity (ampicillin, ампиокс, doxycycline, etc.). For improvement of processes of digestion use fermental drugs (festal, digestal, mezy, панзинорм, solizy, a nigedaza), at dysbacteriosis of a thick kishshka – eubiotik (hilak-forte, bifidumbacterium, the acylact and so forth). For the purpose of recovery of processes of microcirculation in skin at pink eels use the vascular drugs containing niacin (никотинат sodium, Teonicolum). Course treatment by polyvitamins with the preferential content of vitamins A, E and groups B promotes bystreyshy regress of elements. At the expressed infiltrates which are followed by sharply expressed inflammatory phenomena purpose of corticosteroid drugs (Prednisolonum) on 25-30 mg/days on 1 - 2 week with a further gradual dose decline before full cancellation or a diprospan in the form of intramuscular injections on 1 ml of 1 times in 15-20 days is reasonable (1-Z injections before permanent clinical improvement). In the torpid and hard proceeding cases when therapy was unsuccessful, use of synthetic retinoids is possible (Retinolum palmitate, роаккутан). Roakkutan at pink eels is applied in mini-doses (0, mg/kg l-0,5) within 4 months. However these drugs are choice drugs in connection with probability of a hepatotoxic action and their teratogenecity.
Local therapy is carried out taking into account a disease stage. At acute process use resorcinol, boric, tannin lotions, after process subsiding – pastes with tar, Ichthyolum, sulfur. Corticosteroid ointments should be applied with care, the ointments which are not containing fluorine are recommended (локоид, eloky). At a large number of pustulous elements Polcortolonum or oxycyclosol use an aerosol. As local antibacterial therapy 10% ointment or suspension of benzyl benzoate, by 1% trikhopolovy cream or metrogil are applied.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Pink eels (rozatse):

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