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Trichiasis - the wrong growth of eyelashes of a front plate of a century which is followed by irritation of a cornea and conjunctiva, secondary infection.

Trichiasis reasons:

Trichiasis and мадароз practically always happen secondary after an injury or a burn, after chronic conjunctivitis or a blepharitis, a herpes infection (Herpes zoster), trachoma (a chronic inflammation).

Posttraumatic or post-inflammatory cicatricial changes of edge result a century in lack of eyelashes or shift of hair bulbs of eyelashes, stimulating their growth in the wrong direction (trichiasis).

Trichiasis symptoms:

Trichiasis: eyelashes are directed inside, contact to an eyeglobe, causing his irritation, cornea erosion. The nictitating spasm, a photophobia is expressed. Frequent blinkings and a zazhmurivaniye provoke defeat of a cornea.

Madaroz: local or widespread lack of eyelashes along edge of a century.

Distikhiaz: eyelashes in an additional row thin, short, are sent to various parties, contact to an eyeglobe, practically without pigment therefore at visual survey and even at survey in the light of a slit lamp on small increase they can not always be found.



Treatment of a trichiasis:

The purpose of treatment of a trichiasis - prevention of pathology of a cornea at a trichiasis and a distikhiaza. Cosmetic correction at a madaroza.

Indications to hospitalization.

The indication to hospitalization — surgical treatment.

Non-drug treatment.

Epilation of incorrectly growing eyelashes — a widespread, but inexpedient method as after a long epilation which is carried out almost monthly eyelashes become thinner, lose a pigment and more difficultly give in to other methods of treatment.

Diathermocoagulation a needle electrode lengthways on the course of growth of an eyelash to its bulb is reasonable for separate eyelashes. It is inexpedient to carry out diathermocoagulation of a number of eyelashes. In several months after a resection of the site of the region of a century at a distikhiaza carry out diathermocoagulation of the separate remained eyelashes.

Argonlazerny coagulation from the place of an exit of an eyelash to skin or a mucous membrane in the direction of growth of an eyelash is possible in the presence of separate eyelashes with the wrong growth. Signal power — 0,6 W, exposure of an impulse - 0,15 with, diameter of a spot - 100-300 microns, quantity of impulses - from 15 to 40. After the procedure within three days appoint antiseptic drops and ointment to night.

Drug treatment.

Drug treatment is carried out only after surgical, laser treatment or diathermocoagulation.

Surgical treatment.

Trichiasis: a through resection of the local site of the region of a century with direct rapprochement of edges and careful layer-by-layer sewing up. At a widespread trichiasis reconstruction of the rear edge of a century with change of a mucous graft of a lip of the patient is possible.

Madaroz: change of a rag from an eyebrow for substitution of a full madaroz is possible. Distikhiaz: the main method of treatment - surgical (a resection of the site of intercostal space with a number of additional eyelashes). The wound is taken in separate catgut seams 6/0-7/0.

Further maintaining.

Observation in dynamics as carrying out additional intervention (diathermocoagulation, argonlazerny coagulation) in the presence of again grown separate eyelashes is possible.

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