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Epidermophitia of integuments


Epidermifitiya - the contagious fungus disease of blankets of smooth skin and nail plates caused by mushrooms of a sort of epidermofiton. Hair are not surprised. Distinguish two clinical forms of an epidermophitia: epidermophitia of large folds, or inguinal and epidermophitia of feet.

Symptoms of the Epidermophitia of integuments:

Depending on localization shares on inguinal, an epidermophitia of feet, palms, trunks.
At an inguinal epidermophitia the centers of defeat are localized in femoral and scrotal folds, on the internal surface of hips, a pubis, in axillary hollows. Pathological process can sometimes extend to skin of a breast, a stomach (between folds at corpulent persons), to skin under mammary glands at women, etc. In the beginning there are red inflammatory, shelled spots size about lentil. As a result of their peripheral growth the large oval centers with a hyperemic, matserirovanny surface and the raised edematous edge sometimes covered with bubbles, crusts and scales are formed. In distant shy the centers can merge with each other, forming the extensive, having geographical outlines sites of defeat by size about a palm. The center of the centers gradually turns pale and slightly sinks down. At the edges there is a border from the exfoliating matserirovanny epidermis. Patients are disturbed by a slight itch which during the periods of an aggravation amplifies. The disease, as a rule, sharply begins, but then accepts a chronic current and can lasts many months and years with periodic aggravations (especially in hot season and at strong sweating). In the past authors on similarity of a clinical picture to eczema called this disease of "the bordered eczema" (eczema marginatum).

Distinguish the following clinical kinds of an epidermophitia of feet: squamous, intertriginozny, disgidrotichesky, epidermotifiya of nails. As manifestation of allergic reaction epidermofitida are allocated. Now many mycologists do not recognize existence of a latent form of an epidermophitia, including it or an activator carriage (at its stay without clinical symptoms of a disease) or a squamous form with soft symptomatology. Division of an epidermophitia of feet into forms is conditional because the combination of several clinical versions is quite often observed, and also transitions of one form to another are possible.

Reasons of the Epidermophitia of integuments:

Inguinal epidermofmtiya. The activator - Epidermophyton floccosum strikes a corneous layer. Epidermophitia of feet. The activator - Tr. mentagrophytes var. interdigitale.

Treatment of the Epidermophitia of integuments:

At treatment are applied Lorindenm-with, especially at the acute phenomena, 5-10% sulfur-tar ointments; Vilkinson's ointment; 2% iodic tincture, ointments - Mikoseptin, "Mycosolonum", Kanesten, 5-10% sulfur-tar; "amotio" across Ariyevich and Sheklakov.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Epidermophitia of integuments:

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