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The scary word a leukonychia call by that the poorest specks or strips which often appear on one or several nails. It is one of the most widespread diseases of nails with which various superstitions and signs are connected.

Reasons of leukonychias:

The reasons of emergence of white spots on nails so up to the end are also not revealed, however it is considered that most often they arise owing to traumatizing nails at manicure or because of influence of various chemicals. Most often white spots appear in the field of a nail hole. The leukonychia can carry both the inborn, and acquired character.

Symptoms of leukonychias:

Distinguish a dot, polosovidny and total leukonychia. Emergence of small white specks (the decoloured sites of nails) is characteristic of a dot leukonychia. This type of a disease meets most often and is connected generally with mechanical injuries of a nail (usually when performing manicure).

As for a polosovidny leukonychia, in this case it can develop as independently, and from a dot leukonychia. Symptoms of this type of a disease is emergence on a nail plate of longitudinal white strips. As a rule, also inaccurate carrying out manicure is an origin of white strips.

There is also total leukonychia at which the most part or all a nail plate becomes colourless. Development of a disease begins with area of a hole. The total leukonychia usually affects nails of fingers of hands. Infectious diseases, fungus diseases, cirrhosis, an anemia, disturbance of functions of a liver and kidneys, hormonal reorganization of an organism can become the reasons of development of an illness.

Emergence of white spots or strips on several nails is very frequent at once can testify to a lack of a zinc organism. Usually in this case the leukonychia is followed by increased fatigue, decrease in resilience to infectious, allergic diseases, appearance of eels, appetite loss.

It is easy to confuse a leukonychia with cross strips of white-blue color 5 mm wide (Mei's strips) which result from a thallotoxicosis or arsenic, or with the onychomycosis which is characterized by emergence of opal-white spots which merge and extend to all nail over time (typically for HIV-positive people).



Treatment of leukonychias:

For efficiency of treatment it is necessary to define precisely an origin of white spots or strips on a nail plate. First of all, it is necessary to refrain from direct contact of nails with chemicals, and also to refrain from processing of a cuticle by means of metal tools.

As a rule, at a leukonychia vitamin complexes are appointed (vitamin A actively is accepted). At a total leukonychia it is necessary to conduct comprehensive examination of an organism on existence of more serious diseases of internals.

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