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Singamoz (Syngamidosis; Singamidoz) — helminthosis from group of nematodoses, is characterized by development of laryngitis, a tracheobronchitis.

Singamidoz's symptoms:

Exceptional casuistic cases of defeat of the person (more than 100 described cases), the caused Syngamus laryngeus meet. Cases of a singamoz are described in Brazil, Australia, India, Philippines etc. the Person catches when swallowing invasive larvae with the polluted food and water.
The disease is shown by the laryngitis, a tracheobronchitis which is followed by fits of coughing with a phlegm, sometimes a pneumorrhagia, an asthmatic syndrome, fever, with a phlegm parasites depart.
The diagnosis is made at detection of eggs of singamus in a phlegm and excrements, sometimes puberal helminths found at a bronkhoskopiya.

Singamidoz's reasons:

Activators — nematodes of the sort Syngamus (Mammomanogamus): Syngamus laryngeus, S. trachea, S. skrjabinomorpha, etc., parasitize in a throat, a trachea and bronchial tubes of birds, large and small cattle, horses [1].
Male 2 — 4 mm long, females of 7 — 20 mm. Eggs 0,074 — 0,095 X 0,039 — 0,047 mm with lids on poles. Development can proceed in the direct way or with participation of the reservoir owner — an earthworm, fresh-water mollusks.

Singamidoz's treatment:

Treatment: appoint albendazole, thiabendazole, Mebendazolum.
The forecast is favorable.

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