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Paratyphoid And yes In


Paratyphus And yes In - acute infectious diseases with the fecal and oral mechanism of transfer, similar on a pathogeny and the main clinical manifestations with a typhoid.
A paratyphoid activator tank - the sick person and bacillicarriers. A paratyphoid activator tank In - the person and animals (cattle, pigs, poultry). The sick person usually allocates the activator from the first days of clinical manifestations and during the periods of a disease and reconvalescence (2-3 weeks). The carriage of paratyphoid bacteria forms more often than typroid.

The transfer mechanism - fecal and oral, ways of transfer - food, water, household. At a paratyphoid And prevails water, at a paratyphoid In - food (especially through milk).

Natural susceptibility of people high. Postinfectious immunity species-specific.

Main epidemiological signs. The paratyphoid In is widespread everywhere; the paratyphoid And is met less often, mainly in the countries of Southeast Asia and Africa. Diseases register sporadic or in the form of limited flashes. The main manifestations of epidemic process same, as well as at a typhoid.

Symptoms of the Paratyphoid And yes In:

Clinical displays of a typhoid and paratyphus are in many respects similar. At the same time at a paratyphoid And the incubation interval is shorter, than at a typhoid, and averages 6-10 days. The acute beginning of a disease with bystry fervescence and existence in an initial stage of the catarral phenomena - cold, cough is characteristic. The face of patients is hyperemic, vessels of scleras are injected, it is possible to observe herpetic rashes on lips and wings of a nose. Temperature reaction is not so constant as it at a typhoid, often accepts the wrong character, and its duration is less. At height of a disease the fever and the increased sweating are possible. Rather often the dieback appears early (the 4-7th day of a disease). In addition to characteristic rozeolyozny rash can be korepodobny or petekhialny. It more plentiful is also located not only on skin of a stomach and a breast, but also on extremities. Polymorphism of rashes and "podsypaniye" in dynamics of a disease are characteristic. More often the disease proceeds in a medium-weight form, intoxication is expressed moderately, and its duration is less, than at a typhoid. As well as the typhoid, a disease can accept a recurrent current.

The incubation interval at a paratyphoid In usually makes 5-10 days. The disease begins sharply; development of a gastroenteritis with abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, ease of a chair and fervescence is characteristic that can be interpreted mistakenly as the beginning of food toxicoinfection. Temperature reaction has the wrong character and is rather shortened on time. The same as at a paratyphoid And, rash can have various character, to be plentiful and to be located not only on a trunk, but also on extremities. More often the disease proceeds in a medium-weight form, however cases of a heavy current of a paratyphoid In with development of meningitis, encephalomeningitis and septicopyemia are known.

The reasons of the Paratyphoid And yes In:

Activators - S. paratyphi And yes S. paratyphi In - gram-negative mobile sticks of the family Salmonella of the Enterobacteriaceae family. At bacteria allocate Au-Ag and N-Ag, but not Vi-Ar. Their morphological and cultural properties are generally similar to S. typhi, at crops of the studied material on liquid mediums consider ability of paratyphoid microorganisms to form gas. Stability of paratyphoid bacteria in external environment and at influence of disinfectants does not differ from that at the causative agent of a typhoid.

Treatment of the Paratyphoid And yes In:

Treatment of paratyphus And, In and With same, as well as at a typhoid. Treatment of paratyphus is carried out by antibiotics, in parallel with them appoint antifungal, antihistaminic drugs, vitamin C, vitamins of group B and others, including vitamin U, within 2–3 weeks for the purpose of acceleration of a reparation of a mucous membrane of intestines. For increase in nonspecific resistance of an organism appoint pentoxyl, methacil, immunoglobulin intravenously. At heavy disease posindromny therapy is carried out.

For the purpose of activation of T-system of immunity complex therapy has to include purpose of the immunostimulating and immunocorrective means like levamisole, a taktivin, etc.

All patients with a paratyphoid And, In or With including children, are subject to obligatory hospitalization. The bed rest is appointed throughout all feverish period of a disease, at the same time it is necessary to carry out careful care of an oral cavity and integuments. The diet, full-fledged on caloric content and quality, corresponding to age of the child is also appointed from the first days of a disease. For the purpose of a digestive tract overload exception completely exclude the products containing rough cellulose, the acute and irritating food stuffs, and also potatoes and whole milk provoking an enteritis syndrome. Transition to a usual diet is allowed for the 15-20th day after establishment of normal body temperature. Oral or infectious dehydration is shown at toxicosis with eksikozy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Paratyphoid And yes In:

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