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Septicopyemia - a form of sepsis at which leaders are purulent processes in infection atriums and a bacterial embolism ("pus innidiation") with formation of abscesses in many bodies and fabrics; unlike a septicaemia signs of a hyperergy are shown very moderately therefore the disease has no rapid current.

Septicopyemia symptoms:

High temperature with considerable fluctuations and oznoba. A serious general condition of the patient, frequent pulse of small filling, sharply expressed general weakness, sometimes pouring sweat, exhaustion of the patient. In blood a high leukocytosis with considerable shift of a white formula to the left. Purulent wounds become sluggish, bleed, department of pus decreases, the wound becomes dry.

Septicopyemia reasons:

The leading role in development of a septicopyemia belongs to staphylococcus and a pyocyanic stick.

Treatment of the Septicopyemia:

The main suppurative focus (or the centers) which served as the reason of systemic infection of an organism has to be widely opened, processed by antiseptic substances and is trained or тампонирован. Absolute rest and careful nosotrophy. Inside appoint sulfanamide drugs according to the scheme, widely apply antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity taking into account sensitivity of microflora to them. Enter a large amount of liquids (plentiful drink, in/in and п / to injection, drop enemas). The concentrated, easily assimilable, vitamin-rich food (milk, strong broth, egg yolks, etc.), wine (cognac, port, champagne), freshly brewed tea with a large amount of sugar, a lemon.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Septicopyemia:

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