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Postmature pregnancy


Perenashivany pregnancies represents one of important problems in connection with higher frequency of complications in labor, more frequent operational delivery and more failures of childbirth. It is known that duration of normally proceeding pregnancy averages 280 days. If duration of pregnancy increases for 10-14 days and more, i.e. makes more than 294 days, then perhaps perenashivany pregnancies. However it not always so. Criterion of postmature pregnancy is not only its duration. The child's birth with dead-ripe stage signs also demonstrates that is followed by disturbance of its state of health to a perenashivaniye.

Symptoms of Postmature pregnancy:

Unfortunately, the true perenashivaniye of pregnancy has no absolute signs – symptoms on the basis of which the doctor could make surely the faultless diagnosis and timely take necessary measures. That great importance is gained by additional methods of inspection: Ultrasonography, Doppler research of a blood-groove, aminoskopiya.

The combination of various methods of inspection will allow to find out whether there is still time to wait until the child himself wants to be born, or that case when the delay that is called is similar to death is available and it is necessary to take emergency measures.

I eat dangerously true perenashivaniye?

For the child. At postmature pregnancy the need of a fruit for oxygen increases – it continues to develop, and the "growing old" placenta cannot provide his increased needs for food. Because of a lack of oxygen the fruit can make the first breath in a cavity of the uterus and inhale amniotic waters with meconium. And then afterwards (during the first hours lives) at the newborn the heavy complication – a meconium aspiration syndrome, demanding long artificial ventilation of the lungs and powerful antibacterial therapy develops.

For mother. Postmature pregnancy means the overdue beginning of patrimonial activity. Childbirth often proceeds with complications: weakness of patrimonial activity, bleeding. Frequency of Cesarean section – both because of complications of patrimonial activity, and because of an acute hypoxia of a fruit increases.

Signs of dead-ripe stage of the child belong to symptoms of a perenashivaniye of pregnancy which confirm this diagnosis after the delivery: dark green coloring of integuments, maceration of skin, especially on hands and legs, reduction or lack of syrovidny lubricant, reduction of a hypodermic fatty tissue, decrease in elasticity and flabbiness of skin, long nails of fingers of hands, dense bones of a skull, narrow seams and the small sizes of fontanels. At survey of an afterbirth dark green coloring of fetal membranes and an umbilical cord, sites of calcification in fabric of a placenta (petrifikata) is also noted.

Reasons of Postmature pregnancy:

By researchers it was noticed that at the women resewing pregnancy the nature of menstrual function is usually changed. So, most often they observe the early and late beginning of periods, the unsteady menstrual cycle, irregular periods.

Perenashivany pregnancies it can also be connected with the psychoemotional shocks transferred the woman.

Scientists paid attention and that the pregnancy perenashivaniye often happens at the women having diseases of a liver, stomach and intestines.

At pregnant women, a long time observing a bed rest in connection with associated diseases, the head of a fruit can timely not fall to an entrance to a small pelvis and not render irritant action on the receptor device of a neck of uterus.

Among maternal risk factors it should be noted chronic diseases of the sexual sphere, hormonal disturbances, hereditary factors, existence in the anamnesis of postmature pregnancies. Practice shows that the so-called macrosomia can appear the reason of a perenashivaniye also (fruit weight more than 4000 g).

From this transfer it becomes clear what can lead whole "bouquet" of the reasons which to understand to a perenashivaniye of pregnancy often happens not easy in addition these reasons quite often provoke one another and are imposed at each other.

Treatment of Postmature pregnancy:

Delivery is applied. After establishment of the diagnosis of a perenashivaniye of pregnancy and assessment of an obstetric situation individually, taking into account a number of factors resolve an issue of an opportunity, term and a way of delivery. The most important criteria in this choice are: term pregnancy, readiness of an organism for childbirth and existence of a "mature" neck of uterus, condition of a fruit. Most often body weight

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Postmature pregnancy:

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