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Weakness of patrimonial activity


One of the most common causes of the complicated childbirth is sluggish or insufficient patrimonial activity which leads to delay in process of childbirth and, as a result, to a fruit hypoxia.

Weakness of patrimonial activity is shown in weak, short contractions which slow down not only smoothing and disclosure of a neck of uterus, but also advance of a fruit on patrimonial ways of mother.

Weakness of patrimonial forces meets at primapara women more often. Weakness of patrimonial activity can be primary and secondary.

Symptoms of Weakness of patrimonial activity:

Primary weakness of patrimonial activity consists in lack of normal dynamics of opening of a uterine pharynx while pains already go.
Secondary weakness of patrimonial activity develops after the beginning of childbirth when normally begun pains at some point "fade".
Secondary weakness of patrimonial activity develops less than primary, and, as a rule, is a consequence of long and painful contractions which lead to exhaustion of the woman in labor.

Reasons of Weakness of patrimonial activity:

The flat bubble which interferes with lowering of the child, the general fatigue of the woman, low hemoglobin, some mental deviations can be the cause of lack of dynamics of childbirth.

One of the most common causes of emergence of weakness of patrimonial activity is the fear of the woman in labor and just her unpreparedness to what occurs at the time of delivery. The fear breaks hormonal balance because the hormones stopping childbirth are produced by an organism in bigger quantity, than the hormones accelerating childbirth. Quite often it occurs when the woman endures a severe stress at the very beginning of childbirth. Sometimes one careless or rough word of personnel of maternity hospital can become the factor which is "forcing down" hormonal balance.

Treatment of Weakness of patrimonial activity:

Actions of the obstetrician depend, first of all, on the reason of weakness of patrimonial activity. Unfortunately, in order that childbirth took place quicker, doctors quite often accelerate them artificially even then when it is not necessary. It is clear, that weakness of patrimonial activities for the objective reasons cannot occur at 65% of women in labor. Most often childbirth just did not begin yet, there are preparatory pains.

Besides, childbirth, especially the first, can long go really and if there is no threat of a hypoxia for a fruit, it is not necessary to stimulate childbirth. Sometimes for recovery of patrimonial activity it is enough to woman in labor to calm down and to have a rest a little.

However if prolonged childbirth becomes really dangerous to the child and mother, then at weakness of patrimonial activity it is accepted to stimulate childbirth.

The main non-drug method allowing to strengthen patrimonial activity is the amniotomy (opening of a bag of waters) which is carried out at disclosure of a neck of uterus on 2 cm and more. The amniotomy is often resulted by strengthening of patrimonial activity, and the woman in labor copes itself, without administration of medicines.

If the amniotomy does not render desirable effect, then use of medicamentous means is necessary. First, so-called medication sleep in the course of which the woman in labor recovers forces and energy resources of a uterus concerns to them. After awakening, on average in 2 hours, at some women in labor patrimonial activity amplifies. Medication sleep comes after administration of drugs from group of narcotic analgetics that has to become only after consultation of the anesthesiologist and only when side effects from a fruit are less significant, than danger of delay in childbirth to the child.

As the main method of correction of intensity of patrimonial process serve the well-known stimulators which strengthen sokratitelny activity of a uterus – uterotonik. The most widespread of uterotonik - oxytocin and prostaglandins. Drugs enter intravenously through a dropper, at the same time carefully dosing them. At the same time the condition of a fruit is surely controlled by means of a cardiomonitor.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of the stimulating drugs that, as a rule, their use unambiguously demands use of spasmolysants, analgetics, or epidural anesthesia. It is connected with the fact that sharp strengthening of patrimonial activity often strengthens pain at the woman in labor. Therefore it is clear that rodostimuliruyushchy therapy has to be applied only on medical indications when harm from its use is lower, than harm from the tightened childbirth.

And, at last, if use of the drugs accelerating childbirth and strengthening patrimonial activity does not render result, and the fruit suffers from a hypoxia, a choice for use of the emergency Cesarean section can be made.

In spite of the fact that weak patrimonial activity belongs to the complications arising directly at the time of delivery it is possible to try to prevent its development even during pregnancy.

First of all, the correct training of the woman in labor when she knows what happens to it and to the child and that it needs to do in order that childbirth took place successfully belongs to preventive actions for prevention of weakness of patrimonial activity. It is very important that conditions were at the time of delivery comfortable for the woman in labor.

As prevention of weakness of patrimonial activity from 36 weeks of pregnancy pregnant women are recommended to accept vitamins which increase energy potential of a uterus (B6 vitamin, folic acid, ascorbic acid).

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