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Adenoma (adenoma; Greek aden – gland + Greek Uma – оконч. in the name of tumors) – the benign tumor arising from a ferruterous epithelium and keeping structural similarity to initial fabric.


  • Adenoma papillary (adenoma papillare; synonym: adenoma papillary) – adenoma which is characterized by the papillary growths acting in cystous cavities or in gland gleam;
  • Adenoma solid (adenoma solidum) – adenoma with poorly developed connective tissue stroma because of what the epithelium of glands merges to continuous fields;
  • Adenoma trabecular (adenoma trabeculare) – solid adenoma which cubic or cylindrical epithelial cells are connected in the trabeculas making structure of a tumor;
  • Adenoma tubular (adenoma tubulare) – adenoma which consists of the narrow channels covered by a prismatic or cubic epithelium between which the well-marked stroma is located.
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