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Acrodermatitis (acrodermatitis; Greek akros – the most remote, extreme, high + derma (dermatos) – skin + lat. it (словообраз. a suffix) – inflammatory process) – the general name of group of a dermatosis with exclusive or preferential defeat of distal departments of extremities.


  • Acrodermatitis pustular (acrodermatitis pustulosa; synonym: the acrodermatitis is persistent, Allopo a pustular resistant acrodermatitis, a polydactylitis suppurativny recuring) – an acrodermatitis which is characterized by a cyanotic-red hyperemia and tension of skin of fingers with emergence on it small pustules, is slightly more rare – bubbles. Gradually extends up to an extremity, in some cases – on all body;
  • Acrodermatitis atrophic chronic (acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans: synonym: the erythromelia, Peak an erythromelia, atrofodermatit Gerksgeymer, the skin atrophy idiopathic progressing, Meshchersky the progressing dystrophic erythema, Gerksgeymera-Gartmanna a chronic atrophic acrodermatitis, Fordyce a symmetric atrophy of skin) – an acrodermatitis which is characterized by a stagnant and cyanotic erythema on the back of brushes and feet, and also in knee and elbow joints (on one extremity or it is symmetric), slowly extending on all extremity. Further the atrophy of the affected skin develops;
  • Acrodermatitis of enteropaticheskiya (acrodermatitis enteropathica; synonym: Brandt a syndrome, Danbolta-Klossa a syndrome) – an acrodermatitis which usually develops at children up to 2 years. The disease is characterized by bubble rashes around an anus, a mouth, eyes, and also in knees, elbows, inguinofemoral folds, on buttocks, hips where in an effect the shelled plaques are formed. The acrodermatitis of enteropaticheskiya is followed by photophobia, onikhopatiya, a hair loss and dysfunctions of bodies of digestive tract.
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