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Actinomycosis [actinomycosis; actin (mitseta) + Greek myketos, mykes – a mushroom + - оз Greek slovoobraz. a suffix - Usis – diseases of noninflammatory character; synonym: a disease luchistogribkovy] – the chronic infectious disease of the person and animals caused by actinomycetes. It is characterized by granulematozny defeat of bodies and fabrics with development of dense infiltrates and formation of fistulas, abscesses and hems.

Allocate an actinomycosis:

  • Abdominal (actinomycosis abdominalis) – a clinical form; it is characterized by defeat of fabrics of an abdominal wall, bodies of a basin and an abdominal cavity (is more often than a caecum);
  • Skin (actinomycosis cutis) – a clinical form; it is characterized by skin defeats. At primary – develops because of penetration of actinomycetes from the outside, at secondary (more often) – because of distribution of contagiums from internals;
  • Skin atheromatous (actinomycosis cutis atheromatosa) – one of forms at which the formed infiltrates at early stages of the development remind true atheromas; it is more often observed at children;
  • Skin grumous and pustular (actinomycosis cutis tuberculopustulosa) – it is characterized by emergence of hillocks in the thickness of skin which turn into deep pustules, with formation further of fistulas;
  • Skin gummous and knotty (actinomycosis cutis gummosonodosa) – it is characterized by emergence of nodes of a dense consistence. Further there is their softening, opening and formation of purulent fistulas;
  • Skin ulcer (actinomycosis cutis ulcerosa) – it is characterized by formation on site of the suppurated infiltrates of ulcers. As a rule, develops at the weakened patients;
  • Easy (actinomycosis pulmonum) – the form of a thoracic actinomycosis, is characterized by development in pulmonary fabrics of infiltrates which, as a rule, are exposed to suppuration and disintegration with education in an effect of fistulas;
  • Urinogenital (actinomycosis urogenitalis) – one of clinical forms, is characterized by defeat of the urinogenital device;
  • Thoracic (actinomycosis thoracalis) – one of clinical forms, is characterized by defeat of tissues of thorax, and also bodies of a chest cavity;
  • Cervical and maxillofacial (actinomycosis cervicognathofacialis) – one of clinical forms, is characterized by development of infiltrates in a face and a neck.
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