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Allergy (allergia; Greek allos – other, another + Greek ergon – action) – a condition of the changed reactivity of an organism in the form of increase in its sensitivity to repeated influence of any substances or to components of own fabrics. The immune response which proceeds with damage of fabrics is the cornerstone of its development.

Allocate the following types of an allergy:

  • Bacterial (bacterialis) – to any species of bacteria or products of their life activity;
  • Virus (viralis) – to components of virus particles or products of their interaction with cells;
  • Helminthic (helminthica) – to any helminths or products of their life activity;
  • Fungal (mycotica) – to any parasitic fungi or products of their life activity;
  • Gastrointestinal (gastrointestinalis) – to any, except food, to allergen, shown the expressed reactions from digestive tract;
  • Infectious (infectiosa) – to causative agents of infectious diseases or products of their life activity;
  • Contact (contactilis) – to the substances getting to an organism under natural conditions through skin, a mucous membrane of a mouth or a conjunctiva;
  • Latent (latens) – proceeding in this span without visible clinical symptoms;
  • Medicinal (medicamentosa) – to any drugs;
  • Microbic (microbica) – to any microorganisms or products of their life activity;
  • Food (alimentaria; synonym: an allergy alimentary) – to any food stuffs;
  • Postvaccinal (postvaccinalis) – developing because of vaccination;
  • Protozoan (protozoalis) – to any organisms like protozoa or to products of their life activity;
  • Professional (professionalis) – to any elements of the production environment;
  • Dust (pulverea) – to household dust;
  • Thermal (thermalis) – a physical allergy to action of heat;
  • Tuberkulinovy (tuberculinica) – to mycobacteria of tuberculosis or products of their life activity;
  • Physical (physicalis) – to action of any physical factors;
  • Cold (ex frigore) – a physical allergy to cold action.
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