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Amenorrhea (amenorrhoea; and - – otritsa. Greek men – + is frequent month + rhoia – the expiration, a current) – lack of periods within 6 months and more.

Allocate the following types of an amenorrhea:

  • Secondary (amenorrhoea secundaria) – the amenorrhea arising in the presence of normal periods in the anamnesis;
  • Hypothalamic (amenorrhoea hypothalamica) – the amenorrhea caused by decrease in secretion of rileasing-factors and dysfunction of a hypothalamus;
  • Pituitary (amenorrhoea hypophysialis) – an amenorrhea which is caused by damage of a hypophysis;
  • Cortical (amenorrhoea corticalis) – the psychogenic amenorrhea caused by education in a cerebral cortex of the congestive center of excitement;
  • Lactic (amenorrhoea lactationis) – the physiological amenorrhea arising in the period of a lactation;
  • Beam (amenorrhoea radialis) – the amenorrhea which developed because of impact on ovaries of the ionizing radiation suppressing their function;
  • Uterine (amenorrhoea uterina) – an amenorrhea which is caused by absence or injury of a uterus;
  • Primary (amenorrhoea primaria) – an amenorrhea at women of 18 years in the presence of signs of puberty and absence at least one periods in the anamnesis;
  • Psychogenic (amenorrhoea psychogena) – hypothalamic – the amenorrhea which arose because of an emotional shock;
  • Physiological (amenorrhoea physiologica) – an amenorrhea which is caused by change of secretion of gonadotropic hormones during pregnancy and a lactation, and also in the period of a menopause;
  • Ovarian (amenorrhoea ovarica) – the amenorrhea connected with hormonal dysfunction of ovaries.
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