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Amyloidosis (amyloidosis; lat. amylum, Greek amylon – starch + Greek eidos – a look + Greek - Usis (словообраз. a suffix) – a disease; synonym: dystrophy amyloid) – extracellular диспротеиноз which is characterized by adjournment in fabrics of paramyloid (amyloid); leads to a sclerosis, an atrophy of a parenchyma and functional insufficiency of bodies.

Allocate an amyloidosis:

  • Secondary (secundaria; synonym: the amyloidosis acquired) – develops in the outcome of the chronic diseases which are followed by suppuration and (or) disintegration of fabrics or as one of manifestations of a multiple myeloma;
  • Indian – a hereditary disease with rather high-quality current; it is characterized by damages of eyes, spleno-and a hepatomegalia;
  • Local (localis; synonym: an amyloidosis focal) – an amyloidosis of limited sites of fabrics or bodies (a conjunctiva, skin, a prostate, a throat, a mucous membrane of a throat);
  • Hereditary (hereditaria; synonym: the amyloidosis genetic) – develops because of genetic defect of protein synthesis;
  • Tumorous (tumoroidea) – a local amyloidosis with formation of dense nodes with a hilly surface; more often mucous membranes uric both respiratory tracts and skin are surprised;
  • Primary (primaria; synonyms: the amyloidosis is genuinical, an amyloidosis idiopathic) – the general name of an amyloidosis of not clear etiology;
  • Perikollagenovy (pericollagenica; synonym: an amyloidosis mesenchymal) – a kind of a disease at which amyloid is laid on the course of collagenic fibers; strikes an outside cover of blood vessels of large and average caliber, and also nerves, a myocardium, easy, skeletal muscles, skin;
  • Periretikulyarny (perireticularis; synonym: an amyloidosis parenchymatous) – a kind of a disease at which amyloid is laid on the course of reticular fibers in internals and blood vessels; affects kidneys, a liver, a spleen, adrenal glands, intestines;
  • Portuguese – a hereditary amyloidosis with a malignant current; strikes preferential peripheral nervous system and skeletal muscles;
  • Respiratory (respiratoria) – a tumorous amyloidosis of a mucous membrane of upper respiratory tracts;
  • Hearts (cordis; synonyms: a cardiovascular form of an amyloidosis, a kardiopatichesky form of an amyloidosis) – primary or, more rare, a secondary amyloidosis, hereditary; it is characterized by adjournment of paramyloid (amyloid) in a myocardium, an endocardium, walls of vessels of heart and a pericardium;
  • System (systemica; synonyms: Aberkromb a syndrome, an amyloidosis generalized, an amyloidosis the general, an amyloidosis widespread) – it is characterized by simultaneous adjournment of amyloid in many fabrics and bodies of an organism; most often intestines, a spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys, a liver, heart are surprised;
  • Senile (senilis; synonym: an amyloidosis senile) – primary amyloidosis with preferential damage of heart, brain and pancreatic islands; develops at senile age.
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