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Amino acids

Amino acids (synonym: aminocarboxylic acids) – carboxylic (organic) acids which contain one or more amino groups. Amino acids are the main structural units of molecules of proteins, they define their nutrition value and biological specificity. Disturbance of exchange of amino acids can be the reason of many diseases. Sets of amino acids and separate amino acids are applied as medicines. Under the provision of an amino group in a molecule of amino acid distinguish α-amino acids, β-amino acids, γ-amino acids, etc. Natural proteins consist only of α-amino acids..........


  • Amino acids anti-ketogenic – amino acids which interfere with formation of ketonic bodies in an organism (acetone, β-hydroxy-butyric and acetoacetic acids); aspartic acid, arginine, alanine, etc. concern to them;
  • Amino acids glycogenous – amino acids in the course of which exchange glucose without formation of the chemical compounds containing ketogroups is formed; arginine, alanine, series, asparagine, etc. concern them;
  • Amino acids replaceable – amino acids which in a human body are synthesized from other amino acids or organic compounds;
  • Amino acids ketogenic – amino acids in the course of which exchange in an organism there is a formation of ketonic bodies; the leucine, proline, etc. belong to their number;
  • The amino acids limiting – irreplaceable amino acids which are a part of certain proteins of food stuffs in the minimum quantities in comparison with their physiological requirement. Owing to this fact they completeness of use of this protein in the plastic purposes is limited. Methionine (for proteins bean), a lysine (for proteins of cereals), etc. is among the amino acids limiting;
  • Amino acids irreplaceable (synonym: amino acids essential) – lives of an organism of amino acid, necessary for maintenance, which are not synthesized and have to arrive with food; treat their number: phenylalanine, tryptophane, leucine, lysine, valine, threonine, methionine and isoleucine.
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