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Analyzer II

The analyzer II – the general name of the devices used when carrying out the automatic analysis of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of certain processes, structure and properties of any substances.


  • The analyzer amplitude – the analyzer used to definition of the integral or differential law of distribution of amplitudes of accidental pulse process by the number of emergence of impulses in the set amplitude intervals. The analyzer amplitude is used in radio isotope diagnosis, to the analysis of the bioelectric phenomena, etc.;
  • The analyzer of biopotentials – the analyzer used to automatic allocation, the analysis and measurement of power, amplitude or phase-frequency parameters of bioelectric processes and changes in time happening in them. The analyzer of biopotentials is supplied with specialized computers;
  • Noise range analyzer (synonym: a spectrometer acoustic) – the analyzer used to certain spectral characteristics of sound vibrations. The analyzer of a range of noise is used when carrying out hygienic researches.
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