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Angiogemophilia (angiohaemophilia; Greek angeion (prefix) – the vessel relating to vessels vascular + other - Greek haima (сост. a part of compound words) – blood, belonging to blood + Greek philia – tendency; synonyms: Yurgensa a syndrome, a purpura atrombopenic, hemophilia vascular, Villebranda a disease, Villebranda-Yurgensa a constitutional thrombopathy, a capillaropathy hemorrhagic, a purpura atrombotsitopenichesky, a pseudohemophilia vascular, a trombotsitopatiya constitutional) – the hereditary disease which is characterized by sharply increased bleeding time and with a reduced content of factor VIII a blood coagulation (a thromboplastic factor of plasma) at not changed retraction of a blood clot and normal number of thrombocytes. The angiogemophilia is inherited on autosomal dominantly type.

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