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Angiopatiya (angiopathia; Greek angeion (prefix) – the vessel relating to vessels vascular + Greek pathos – a disease, suffering; synonym: an angiopathy) – disturbance of a tone of blood vessels which is caused by disorder of nervous control. Angiopatiya is shown by tendency to dystonia, passing paresis and vasospasms.


  • Angiopatiya of a retina hypertensive (a. retinae hypertonica) – arises at an idiopathic hypertensia; oftalmoskopichesk it is characterized uneven, in certain cases by considerable narrowing of arteries, Gvist and Salyus's symptoms;
  • Angiopatiya of a retina hypotonic (a. retinae hypotonica) – arises at hypotension; oftalmoskopichesk it is characterized by expansion and branchiness of arteries, a pulsation of veins;
  • Angiopatiya of a retina diabetic (a. retinae diabetica) – manifestation of a diabetic mikroangiopatiya in a retina; it is characterized by swelling and homogenization of walls of arterioles and capillaries, development of venous hemorrhages and microaneurysms in the field of a macula lutea and around an optic disk.
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