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Angioretikulema (angioreticuloma; Greek angeion (prefix) – the vessel relating to vessels vascular + lat. reticulum – network + Greek - oma – оконч. in the name of tumors; synonyms: the angioma is capillary hyperplastic, an angioglioma, a hemangioblastoma, an angioma epithelial, Lindau a cyst) – the benign tumor consisting of intervascular reticular fabric and a large number of capillaries; meets in a cerebellum, in more exceptional cases – in back and a myelencephalon.


  • Angioretikulema cystous (angioreticuloma cystosum) – the angioretikulema having an appearance of the cyst filled yellowish color with liquid; the tumor presses in a cyst a hardly noticeable small knot;
  • Angioretikulema compact (angioreticuloma compactum) – the benign tumor consisting of microcysts of a large number of mixed vessels.
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